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We're conclude our series on The 8 Pillars Of Perfect Health. Dr. Prather describes The Beatitudes as the psychology of health and how attitudes become ingrained in our person. In this episode, discover:

--Why Dr. Prather describes The Beatitudes as our emotions, thoughts, will, and spirit coming together. More than just mental, emotional, spiritual, or fleshly desires.

--That The Beatitudes are the attitudes we adopt into our lives that make up who and what we are. (And sometimes we are even unaware of them.)

--Why the death of a spouse increases the likelihood of the surviving spouse's own death (especially in men).

--How mental disease even affects posture. And how changing the physical position of someone's body can relieve them of mental disease.

--That Homeopathy is one of the most effective, safe, and quickest methods Dr. Prather uses to help patients and their mental health. And how Homeopathy can help children behave better!

--How Dr. Prather has helped patients to get off of their antidepressant prescription drugs in favor of the safe alternative in Homeopathy.

--That everyone has their own "unique vibration" that is very revealing about your personality and your health conditions. And how Homeopathic constitutional remedies can be helpful for all of us.

--How high Copper levels are linked to anxiety issues, while Depression, ADD, and ADHD can all be linked to nutritional issues. (For example, low Iron in girls can cause ADD.)

--Why Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage body work can help relieve and manage our stress.

--How Exercise helps release our "Fight-Flight" tension in our body.


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