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Diathermy is a large coiled magnet that produces a short-wave beam into the body to increase circulation and lymphatic flow in order to help the body heal itself. In this episode, find out:

--Why Diathermy is safe, easy, and very effective. (And how it helps avoid damage to the immune system from repeated antibiotic usage.)

--How it helps patients with lung issues such as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Histoplasmosis (which is endemic to indianapolis).

--How it helps patients with Arthritic joint pain and Bursitis.

--Why it is called an "anti-congestion machine" to help with the detoxification and congestion in the body.

--The effectiveness of Diathermy in providing IMMEDIATE relief for ear and sinus infections. (And why you should try Diathermy before you try Antibiotics).

--The antibiotic, anti-virus, and anti-fungal affect of Diathermy to kill infections (Bladder, Prostatitis, Sinus, Ears, Lungs, and Kidney).

--Why Diathermy is "essential" for all Vertigo patients, as well as Tinnitus patients.

--How Diathermy resulted in patients scheduled for amputation having their surgeries cancelled.

-How Diathermy helps patients with painful and numb feet from Raynaud's Disease and Diabetic Neuropathy. (And the effective combo treatment Dr. Prather uses for neuropathy that Oncologists refer their patients for.)


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