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The HCG Diet is a short-term diet designed to burn fat and shed inches around your belly quickly. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How the HCG Diet is a way to work with your endocrine system to mimic pregnancy hormones that target the burning of fat. And how the HCG Diet boosts Testosterone for men.

--Why you need blood tests prior to doing the HCG Diet. And why you shouldn't be ordering it over the Internet.

--Why Dr. Prather says his focus is on "fat loss", not just weight loss that can include the loss of muscle.

--How the HCG Diet "reprograms the brain" to target the burning of fat instead of muscle. And how the diet targets fat "everywhere" on your body like "a little Pac-Man" eating up the fat.

--How the HCG Diet begins with a three-day "loading" phase of high-fat foods that will prevent you from being hungry as you enter into a low-calorie diet.

--Why a low-calorie diet can actually be damaging as it wIll lead to the loss of organ tissue. And why the medically-supervised HCG Diet is safe as it burns the "non-essential" fat of the body.

--The importance of hydration in the HCG Diet, particularly in helping your body to flush out toxins.

--That the HCG Diet actually reduces your biological age and makes you YOUNGER, normalizing liver enzymes and increasing kidney function.

--Why Dr. Prather says the HCG Diet is "one of the better cures" for Type II Diabetes. And the adjustment made in the program for diabetic patients.

--That you need to be careful with your makeup, your toothpaste, and your deodorant on the HCG Diet. And how coaching is "critical" to making the plan succeed by walking patients through these issues.


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