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Studies show there is a health bonus from being married--longer life, fewer health issues, and faster recovery. In this episode, you'll learn:

--The percentage health increase that both men and women get from marriage (and which one gets the greatest benefit).

--The health benefits for married men (even positive neurological changes compared to single men).

--How the health benefit for women is more sensitive to the quality of a marriage.

--How to make your marriage work better (and which spouse studies show has a greater impact on the health and happiness of a marriage).

--The funny story that reveals why Dr. Prather is NOT allowed to do laundry. (Men, take notes!)

--The different expectations men and women have in marriage (and the importance of unconditional respect and unconditional love).

--How your underlying health issues can impact your marriage and relationships, including the balance of your hormones and nervous system.

--Why some patients claim their chiropractic adjustments help their relationships.

--The story of a patient who took an herbal supplement that boosted her libido and saved her marriage.

--How your sex life is a good indicator of your health and the health of your marriage.

--Why casual sexual relationships do not have the same health benefits of monogamy.


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