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When you have done everything right and still can't shed the weight, oftentimes the problem is hormonal. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How the hormones have a regulatory influence on your weight.

--The influence outside chemicals (such plastics or food additives) have on our hormonal balance.

--The link between a man's hormones and prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and obesity.

--Why taking testosterone for low testosterone (which impacts both men and women) can actually make the problem WORSE and result in even lower testosterone.

--The reason why men's hormones are much easier to balance compared to women.

--The huge influence of the liver (which Dr. Prather calls an "endocrine balancer") in analyzing your hormonal balance.

--Why your chances of getting cancer are SIX TIMES greater if you are overweight due to your hormones.

--How fat itself produces imbalances in your hormones.

--Why Dr. Prather believes 98% of patients would be harmed by pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy or biodentical hormones. (And the subtle, safer, and natural adjustment they need instead to balance their hormones.

--The reason why Dr. Prather insists on thorough lab testing for his weight loss patients.


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