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50 million prescriptions per year are written for anxiety. But there are safer, natural alternatives that are more effective. In this episode, discover:

--The 80-20 rule for a healthy stress balance, where we should be in a "rest and digest" mode 80% of the time and in a "fight or flight" stress mode 20% of the time.

--How anxiety disorder medications cause about 38,000 deaths annually from PROPERLY prescribed drugs. And why Dr. Prather says these medications should not be taken more than a two-week period.

--Why Chiropractic adjustments make "an immediate difference" for anxiety patients. And how Dr. Prather uses gentle, non-force techniques to adjust that are especially helpful for patients with anxiety.

--That the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Acupuncture as a treatment for anxiety. And why people often fall asleep during an Acupuncture treatment!

--How Auriculotherapy treats the brain through stimulation of points on the ears, which is helpful for many health issues (including anxiety issues).

--The effectiveness of Homeopathy on anxiety disorders without the dangerous side-effects of prescription drugs.

--The herbals which are helpful as a "natural sedative" and have been shown to provide an equal or better response compared to pharmaceutical anxiety drugs.

--Why Dr. Prather considers massage a key part of his own health regimen and recommends it for stress relief.

--The role hormones play in anxiety disorders. And how the endocrine system must be balanced correctly for our body to give a correct response to stress and anxiety.

--The diagnostic tests that should be done for anxiety patients in order to determine the root cause of the anxiety disorder. And how The Prather Practice can test for stress response markers and check the autonomic nervous system.



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