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We think of parasites as a third-world problem, but it is actually a greater problem in America than most (including doctors) realize. In this episode, learn:

--How The Prather Practice often diagnoses parasites in patients who have "been everywhere" searching for the cause of their health problems but were never able to determine what was wrong with them.

--Why Dr. Prather estimates that 65% of those in the Indianapolis area have a parasitic infection right now. --The parasites that the Centers for Disease Control are trying to promote more awareness about, including one that causes blindness in children.

--That the Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning for Vietnam Veterans who are developing a form of cancer from parasites they contracted decades ago.

--How parasites can even go into the brain and cause seizures, leading to a false epilepsy diagnosis.

--That many autoimmune diseases are caused by an underlying parasite and the stress the parasite causes to the body.

--Why Dr. Prather says "every single symptom" can be caused by parasites, which makes it difficult to diagnose.

--The diagnostic tests Dr. Prather uses to diagnose parasites, including one that everyone should have on an annual basis.

--The treatments for parasites offered by The Prather Practice, such as herbals and Homeopathics (which are "the secret weapon" Dr. Prather uses). And why pharmaceuticals are "never enough" to defeat parasites.

--Plus, hear the story of a family who comes all the way from Mississippi to Indianapolis just to see Dr. Prather.



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