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Dr. Prather provides an update on the Coronavirus in our opening segment.  Then, we talk about how Dr. Prather is now seeing stress indicators in the bloodwork of EVERY patient he tests.  In this episode, you'll find out:

—How there is an incentivizing for doctors to put down COVID-19 on death certificates even when that is not the cause of death.  And Dr. Prather answers the question, "Are the statistics on COVID-19 accurate?"

—Why we need to make sure the cure is not worse than the disease in our national response to COVID-19.

—The statistics showing that at, at this point, least one-third of all Americans, have already been infected with COVID-19.

—Why the stress and fear as a result of the Coronavirus may cause more death and damage than the virus itself.  And why Dr. Prather says you should get outside in the sunshine and not cower in fear inside your home.

—The shocking increase in the number of anti-anxiety drugs prescribed in the past two months...and 75% of those are first-time prescriptions.

—What stress does to a body's immune system and how it makes a person more susceptible to infections.

—Why Structure-Function Health Care should always be tried first (before Disease Care) in the management of stress and anxiety.

—How social isolation causes an increase in our stress levels.

—The importance of good stressors to challenge our immune system.  And how extreme social isolation "could actually backfire and weaken our immune systems".

—How Vitamin D from the sun is more powerful than the Vitamin D that you take.  And the natural remedies Dr. Prather recommends to help reduce stress.



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