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Coronavirus is the biggest health story in the news this week.  Dr. Prather tells you everything you need to know about it.  In this episode, you'll learn:

—Which animals are the source of the Coronavirus infections that have spread to humans.

—The symptoms and complications caused by the Coronavirus.

—Why China is an area where infections such as these so often originate.

—Dr. Prather's opinion on the response of the World Health Organization to the virus.  Plus, his views on the risk level this virus poses to Americans.

—The protocols health care offices in the United States must follow if one of their patients tests positive for Coronavirus.

—How natural remedies work better than the "pretty worthless" pharmaceutical drugs in combating Coronavirus.

—Why Dr. Prather says the question is not IF another pandemic like the 1918 Spanish Flu will hit, but WHEN another pandemic will hit.

—The latest update on the current flu season (and how it compares to the Coronavirus threat).  And how this current flu season ranks in terms of severity.

—How this year's vaccine matched up against the most common flu strains infecting people.  And how the vaccine makers "didn't get anything right" for last year's flu season.

—Why those on Cholesterol lowering prescription drugs are at greater risk of getting viruses.



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