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1.5 million Americans have Lupus, which is a painful autoimmune disease that is difficult to diagnose. Some say it is "the most difficult disease to treat". In this episode, learn:

--How Lupus mainly affects women from ages 15 to 44. And how you are more likely to have Lupus if it runs in your family or if you are a woman of color.

--The connection between Lupus and the menstrual cycle.

--Why Dr. Prather calls Lupus "the great imitator" that usually takes several years and many doctors to finally get to a correct diagnosis.

--How Lupus patients are more likely to also have other autoimmune diseases, such as Hashimoto's Disease.

--Why opiates given to Lupus patients to help their pain will actually make the pain WORSE.

--The impact of Lupus on the lungs, kidneys, and cardiovascular system.

--The reason why a MINIMAL amount of pharmaceuticals is key to treating Lupus effectively. And why Lupus is "very poorly treated" from a pharmaceutical perspective.

--Why the Structure-Function Health care model (like what is done at The Prather Practice) is where Lupus patients can really find results.

--How diet and proper supplementation are critical for treating any autoimmune disease like Lupus. And the necessity of a G.I. Stool kit and food allergy testing for correctly treating a Lupus patient at The Prather Practice.

--The "secret weapon" of Homeopathics where Dr. Prather sees "the best results" for patients with autoimmune diseases like Lupus. And the "immediate effect" Chiropractic can have in helping Lupus patients with pain.


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