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60% of us have low Zinc levels.  Dr. Prather says it is probably THE major nutritional factor for keeping the Coronavirus under control.  In this episode, you'll learn:

—How the Measles and Flu vaccines differ from one another.  And what this means for a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

—The way COVID-19 attacks the circulatory system, causing blood clots and even amputations.  And how COVID-19 in children is being frequently misdiagnosed as Kawasaki Disease.

—How the loss of taste and smell is one of the signs that you will potentially have a very strong reaction to COVID-19.  And how this is connected to your Zinc levels.

—The role Zinc plays in some forms of Hair Loss and Alopecia.   And how adding Zinc supplementation can cause someone's hair to grow back in certain cases.

—The symptoms of low Zinc:  loss of taste and smell, hair loss, poor wound healing, poor immune function, diarrhea, acid reflux, acne, mental disturbances, and white spots or ridges on your nails.

—Why Dr. Prather says you cannot have a properly-functioning immune system if you are low on Zinc.  And how Zinc interferes with Coronavirus reproduction.

—The reason why Dr. Prather does not recommend everyone go take Zinc, but advises they be tested first.  And the toxic effects that can occur from taking too much Zinc, including a lowered immune system.

—How Zinc is the leading reason for fertility issues and low libido for both men and women.  And how Zinc impacts Testosterone and sperm count.

—Why stretch marks are not a result of pregnancy, but low Zinc.  And how 80-90% of pregnant and breastfeeding women are low in Zinc.

—How alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals interfere with Zinc.  And why about 90% of older people are deficient in Zinc.



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