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Free radicals break down the body and is the essence of the aging process. It's an important process to understand for staying youthful and living a healthy life. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The definition of free radical pathology (and Dr. Prather's memorable rusty gate and rotting fruit analogies).

--How wrinkles, moles, and liver spots on the skin are caused by free radicals. And how understanding free radicals could be like unlocking the fountain of youth.

--The diseases associated with free radical pathology: Aging, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and Hearing Loss.

--How free radicals cause body odor. The amazing story of an abused boy whose went through such trauma that he smelled terrible and was deemed untrainable. And his dramatic improvement after Dr. Prather started him on anti-oxidants.

--How high cholesterol can be corrected by dealing with the free radical pathology.

--Why Dr. Prather gets frustrated when reading research about free radicals and his critique on the typical research approach of treating everyone the same.

--How 80% of free radical pathology comes from the gut.

--The role of hair analysis in determining your mineral levels, which can cause free radical problems. And the individualized approach Dr. Prather takes with his patients to determine the antioxidants each patient needs.

--How plants have to fight free radicals and how that impacts our health when we eat it. (Why fresh fruit locally-grown is important for your health.)

--Why too little and too much exercise can cause free radical pathology. How strokes are a direct result of free radical pathology.





About 48 million people get food borne illness every year in the U.S., which may even be underestimated. In this episode, we talk about:

--That 128,000 people are hospitalized every year and 3,000 die every year in America from food borne illness. And how IV's have reduced the death rate from this type of illness.

--How symptoms of food borne illness can appear as much as two weeks after ingesting the problematic food.

--The Oxygen drops product carried by The Prather Practice and used by the U.S. Military for quick relief of food poisoning, which Dr. Prather suggests everyone keep in their medicine cabinet.

--When someone should go to the hospital with their food poisoning symptoms. And how Guillain-Barre Syndrome can be caused by food poisoning.

--The activated charcoal and clay products that absorb toxins and can damage parasites.

--Why Dr. Prather orders cooked foods at restaurants and avoids uncooked foods like salads when he eats out. And why Dr. Prather calls Pork and Chicken "dirty meats" that should always be fully cooked, but says the inside of Beef can be rare without causing too much difficulty.

--The 3 things Dr. Prather recommends for people who have food borne illness.

--The diagnostic test everyone should have at least once a year to determine the health of your gut flora. And why Dr. Prather says "your health comes from your gut", which is 80% of your immune system.

--How food borne illnesses can be long-lasting and turn into a chronic problem including: Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Liver Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, emotional issues, and even miscarriages.  

--The connection between hand washing and the "Happy Birthday" song that Dr. Prather's Mom taught to her grandchildren. And the surfactant products Dr. Prather recommends for washing vegetables.



With the advancing of the years, we can actually turn back the clock according to Dr. Prather. In this episode, we talk about:

--The difference between chronological age and biological age, and how the two may not always line up. (And why, biologically,we should live to around 160.)

--Why the lungs are the best way to determine your biological age. Plus, how your kidneys, nervous system, and skin help determine biological age.

--The treatment Dr. Prather uses to take 20 years off of someone's biological age.

--The closer you are to homeostasis, the younger you are. And the more you are out of homeostasis, the older you are.

--How stress is the biggest barrier to longevity. And the muscle measure Dr. Prather uses to measure stress in the body.

--Why stress is the leading reason people seek out Chiropractic care. And how Chiropractic reduces biological age by changing the nervous system.

--How you'd look 21 for the rest of your life if you are perfectly oxygenated. And how to improve your low oxygenation.

--How proper balancing of hormones (which most people do not have) can change the aging process. And why Dr. Prather says his office has more ways of accomplishing that than almost anyplace in the country.

--How 70% of depression issues are related to the endocrine system (which also impacts weight gain and certain types of cancers). And how 60% of all cancers are related to your diet.

--How free radicals cause aging (liver spots, macular degeneration, cataracts).




Fibrocystic Breast is something that HALF of all women will suffer from at some time in their life. It can be scary and painful. In this episode, discover:

--That Fibrocystic Breast should be taken seriously (but sometimes is not by doctors) and is an indicator that something is wrong in your overall health and well-being.

--Why it is important to learn how to do a proper self-exam to differentiate between Cancerous Tumors and Cysts.

--The controversy on whether Fibrocystic Cysts have a correlation with breast Cancer. And why Dr. Prather believes there is a higher likelihood of getting breast Cancer if you have Fibrocystic Breasts.

--How the traditional medical treatments for Fibrocystic Breasts have a low success rate. And the amazing story of a young woman who was recommended for a double mastectomy, but had no cysts just three months after Dr. Prather dealt with the underlying "free radical pathology in her gut".

--The "Body Is The Hero" Structure-Function approach to Health Care that Dr. Prather uses to get the body working in proper balance (or "Homeostasis"). And how getting the body into Homeostasis allows the body to heal itself of Fibrocystic Breast.

--Why Dr. Prather's Structure-Function Health Care approach relies more heavily upon diagnostic tools and lab tests than the Disease Care approach. And how this reflects an individual approach to a person's health care as the underlying cause of symptoms can be different for each patient.

--The many different underlying causes of Fibrocystic Breast including hormones, toxic liver, lymphatic problems, structural issues, low Iodine, low Vitamin D, or an imbalance of Fatty Acids.

--That there are 64 different hormones that affect the breasts, the balance of which vary based upon the time of the month. Plus, the gentle approach Dr. Prather uses in balancing out a patient's hormones compared to dangerous pharmaceutical hormone replacement or bioidentical hormones.

--How high fiber intake reduces toxins, balances hormones, sheds weight, lowers free radicals, and helps clear up the Fibrocystic Breast condition. And why Dr. Prather says 98% of people need more fiber.

--How a backed up lymph system (through infections or allergies) impacts breast health. And why Dr. Prather says to avoid underwire bras.




Menopause is when a woman has gone an entire year without having a period. But that natural process can be associated with unpleasant symptoms and increased health risks. In this episode, find out:

--The average age of menopause is 51, but it can happen anytime from the late 30’s to the early 60’s.

--How "Perimenopause" or "pre-menopause" can last from two years up to eleven years. And how a woman can still get pregnant during this stage.

--The LONG list symptoms of menopause, all associated with the hormone changes that are occurring. And why Dr. Prather says that you can avoid or lessen those symptoms by getting your hormones in proper balance.

--That increased incidence of alcoholism, drug addiction, and divorce are associated with the turmoil women experience with menopause.

--The risks of hormone replacement therapy, such as increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, and osteoporosis. And how studies on bioidentical hormones had to be STOPPED because women died at such a high rate and are "more dangerous than the pharmaceutical hormone replacement".

--The Structure-Function Health Care approach Dr. Prather uses to help the body to self-regulate. And how the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and breast cancer DECREASE through this approach.

--Why Dr. Prather's Structure-Function Health Care approach is more dependent upon proper diagnostics and lab tests than the Disease Care approach in order to accurately determine what is going on in the body and track the changes being made.

--How Menopause can age you if things aren't balanced out quickly. This includes bone loss, cartilage loss, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, weight gain, increased toxicity and inflammation levels, and lowered immune system.

--Why Dr. Prather says herbs are "one of the better things" that "very effectively" shift the body's hormones to the correct balance. And how Homeopathics stimulate the body's own production and are "the quickest way to make changes".

--That women who smoke cigarettes have three times the symptoms than non-smokers during Menopause. And how alcohol and caffeine also increase Menopause symptoms.




Endometriosis is a painful and dangerous condition that affects 10% of all menstruating women and causes 50% of all fertility issues. In this episode, we talk about:

--The 80% greater likelihood for a woman to suffer from Endometriosis if they have a female family member who suffers from it. And why a girl starting her period later reduces her chance of Endometriosis, as well as other health problems.

--The health benefits of exercise--especially jumping jacks!--in preventing Endometriosis, as well as early periods for young girls. And how higher body fat percentage increases risk of Endometriosis.  

--Why heavy periods indicate a woman probably has Endometriosis. And how pelvic pain indicates a 75% chance of Endometriosis.

--How autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto's Disease, Graves' Disease, Addison's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Fibromyalgia increase your chances of having Endometriosis.

--Why the surgery for Endometriosis usually causes it to come back WORSE than it was before. And how the current medical options, such as birth control pills, aren't very effective.

--How hormonal imbalance is the biggest cause of Endometriosis. Plus, the role of a weakened immune system, higher inflammatory rate, and chemical toxicity (such as high Copper) in Endometriosis.

--The Structure-Function approach Dr. Prather uses in getting the body in proper balance so that the body itself can treat the Endometriosis. And the role thorough blood tests play in Dr. Prather's approach in getting to the root cause of Endometriosis.

--The story of a patient who had been through In Vitro Fertilization Therapy THREE times with no results, but became pregnant after Acupuncture helped eliminate the inflammation of Endometriosis. And why Dr. Prather says Acupuncture "has been shown to be one of the very best treatments for Endometriosis to reduce the inflammation".

--How Chiropractic care helps normalize the menstrual cycle and has helped the Endometriosis symptoms to "go completely away" for many patients Dr. Prather has treated.  

--How The Prather Practice tests "more thoroughly than almost anybody else" for hormone balance. And why the powerful hormone replacement therapies are only necessary in about 2% of the cases, while more natural approaches The Prather Practice uses are far more effective as they stimulate your body's own hormone production.




External CounterPulsation (ECP) Therapy is a safe, non-invasive solution for heart disease, America's #1 killer. In this episode, you'll discover:

--Why ECP Therapy is "like having a second heart" and how it helps the heart to function better.

--How ECP Therapy oxygenates the heart and gives your heart the benefit of five years of marathon training in just SEVEN WEEKS.

--The reason why Dr. Prather calls ECP Therapy the only hope for congestive heart failure, which has become "medical disaster".

--The incredible safety record of ECP Therapy without a single negative incident or injury reported to the FDA and with no negative side effects.

--How ECP Therapy helps reduce heart pain and helps patients to lower their medication needed for angina.

--Why ECP Therapy is able to open up collateral circulation and dormant arteries (and can even GROW new arteries).

--How the improved circulation and oxygenation from ECP Therapy improves all organ systems and helps with dementia, erectile dysfunction, and can reverse Type 2 diabetes.

--The five-part heart evaluation Dr. Prather recommends for every patient over 50.

--The stories of patients who went from over 90% blockage in their arteries to less than 10% blockage through ECP Therapy.

--Why many pro athletes and Olympians have incorporated ECP Therapy into their regimen to extend their careers and set new records.




Cavities are more than just a problem in your mouth, but an indicator of your overall health. In this episode, you'll learn:

--That a cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by an infection.

--The role of pH and bacteria in the development of cavities. And how amalgam dental fillings and stress make your mouth pH more acidic.

--That 80% of your immune system is in the gut (and the definition of "the gut" includes your mouth).

--How dentists were the first nutritionists and helped form the foundation of nutritional research. And how the first dentists would use diet and nutrition to regrow a damaged tooth instead of putting in fillings.

--Why Dr. Prather says pomegranate juice is "one of the best things" you can drink for the health of your teeth. Plus, other drink recommendations to substitute for unhealthy sodas.

--How probiotics can play a huge role in preventing cavities by properly balancing out your mouth flora. And why Dr. Prather says, "If things are off in the mouth, the whole digestive process does not work as it should."

--Why Xylitol is "one of the easiest and quickest" ways to help the health of your mouth and prevent cavities. Plus, how it is much more effective than Fluoride, as too much Fluoride in your system can cause problems such as Cancer.

--That a fiber-rich diet is the most proven way to lose weight, improves your nutrition, plus helps to change your mouth ph and promote good bacteria in your mouth.

--That high Copper and high Aluminum will cause cavities, especially in children. And how Vitamin D and Iodine are critical to the health of your teeth.

--How The Prather Practice uses Homeopathic Medicines and herbals for detoxification and the supplementation of minerals to improve your overall and dental health.




The use of Botox for cosmetic purposes is increasing, even among young people. But the risks of Botox to a person's health should not be ignored. In this episode, discover:

--How Botox comes from the Botulism Neurotoxin, which is putting a poison into the nervous system that cuts off the function of the nerves.

--That the strongest warning you can get for a pharmaceutical is called a "black box warning", which is how Botox is classified. And why it shouldn't be taken lightly or casually because people are dying from Botox.

--How Dr. Prather sees patients suffering from severe migraines, drooping of the eyes, TMJ, and a weakened immune system as a result of Botox injections. And why he believes we'll discover more problems in the future from Botox injections as the Neurotoxins remain in your body for life.

--The protocols you should seek out from a qualified physician if you decide to have Botox injections (instead of attending Botox parties with someone unqualified).

--The threat from Botox "knockoffs" with as many unregulated Botox procedures as regulated procedures happening.

--That Botox is ONLY approved by the FDA for wrinkles in the forehead, but is being used for a variety of things such as Cerebral Palsy, Migraines, and TMJ. And how children with Cerebral Palsy have died as a result of such use.

--The list of expected side-effects from Botox including dry mouth, pain, tiredness, headaches, and neck pain. Plus, the serious ones such as difficulty breathing or swallowing, loss of strength and muscle weakness throughout the body, blurred vision, change or loss of voice, and loss of bladder control.

--Safe and painless alternatives to Botox in Structure-Function Care for Torticollis and Migraines. And why Dr. Prather thinks Facial Acupuncture and types of Microcurrent treatments are more effective and permanent than Botox in reducing wrinkles.

--How Dr. Prather is disturbed to see salesmen in his office trying to convince him to do Botox injections as a Chiropractor.

--The danger of becoming a "Botox junkie". And why you should not have Botox done if you've recently had an antibiotic, have any immune system compromise, or taken an over-the-counter cold, flu, or sleep medicine.




In honor of Valentine's Day, this week's show focuses on Sexual Health. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How often is considered a healthy libido?

--Why sex plays a role in your overall health, and how sex affects your immune system.

--The reason why newlyweds can actually make each other sick (for up to 4 years!)

--Why monogamy is healthier for your immune system.

--How sex impacts your hormones and can promote healing and improved brain health.

--How men can lower their rate of prostate cancer. (And how a man's angle of erection can reveal a lot about his health).

--The natural, non-prescription answers for low libido and erectile dysfunction. (And why men who rely on drugs like Viagra probably have underlying health issues.)

--The impact of pornography on low libido and a decrease in sexual health. (Plus, how Structure/Function medicine can help with addiction issues, including pornography.)

--The STD that is a major cause of infertility and how a woman's sexual satisfaction improves fertility.



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