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We are in Week #6 of our series, "Your Health From Head To Toe". In a world where people spend more time working on computers, there are increasing issues in wrist and elbow Repetitive Strain Injuries. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The main elbow and shoulder conditions, such as: Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's elbow), Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis elbow), Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

--How Carpal Tunnel is misdiagnosed 40% of the time--causing the surgery to fail--when the real problem is the palmaris longus muscle.

--The difference between disease care (drugs and surgery) and Structure/Function care in treating these issues.

-How a chiropractic adjustment can provide "instantaneous" and "immediate" relief from these issues.

--Why Acupuncture is the best method to deal with inflammation and provides results "quicker than any other method". 

--How Trigger Point Therapy can release muscles that are in chronic spasm. 

--The benefits of treatments such as ultrasound, diathermy, electrical stimulation, and liniments. 

--How Vitamin B-6 (the nerve vitamin) can provide relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and why Manganese and Copper can have a huge effect on tendon and ligament strength.

--The stretches and exercises that help wrist and elbow issues. (And why rehab of injuries does NOT have to be painful.)

--How to prevent injuries of the wrist and elbow.




We're in Week #5 of our series, "Your Health From Head To Toe". Dr. Prather says that you are "almost as old as your spine". 80% of us will be sidelined at some point in our lives because of back problems. It's the #2 reason for missed work. In this episode, find out:

--How to avoid unnecessary pain and unnecessary expense by maintaining your spinal health.

--How the upper-cervical area of your spine impacts your entire nervous system.

--Why untreated spinal injuries can lead to long-term degeneration. (And why too many hospitals wrongly tell accident victims they are fine after an accident.)

--That you'll have a 40% chance of having surgery if you see an orthopedic surgeon, but only a .5% chance of having surgery if you see a chiropractor first.

--That one study showed 50% of young men had a bulging disc. But just because you have a bulged disc does not necessarily mean you'll have a problem with it. (Plus, how SMOKING can cause a bulged dic.)

--The natural anti-inflammatories that work better than pharmaceuticals without the side effects. Plus, how acupuncture relieves inflammation.

--How chiropractic adjustments have a bigger impact on blood pressure than pharmaceuticals. And how they also help asthma, ear infections, and stomach pains because of the change in the nervous system. (And the story of the patient whose acne cleared up because of the adjustments!)

--Why ADD and ADHD can be settled down by chiropractic adjustments, and how autism is impacted by an improper flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

--Why decompression therapy is a cheaper and more effective option than surgery to treat protruding or bulging discs in the back or neck. Plus, how it puts the body into healing mode and "reverses the aging process".




We're in Week #4 of our series, "Your Health From Head To Toe". Dr. Prather says about half of his patients have some sort of shoulder or arm condition, many of whom have given up on finding relief from past injuries. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Dr. Prather has about a 90% success rate with shoulder and arm issues, even getting improvement in situations like Rheumatoid Arthritis that have severe damage.

--How the combination of a broad array of treatments offered at The Prather Practice is the key to their successful results.

--How to reduce your chance of having surgery from 25% to 2%, plus have better outcomes compared to the surgical option. (Hint: Which doctor you see FIRST makes all the difference.)

--Why Structure-Function health care is vital for those with repetitive motion injuries, such as athletes. And the difference between Passive Care and Active Care, BOTH of which are necessary for patients.

--How Acupuncture is an excellent anti-inflammatory and stimulates healing (even eliminating scar tissue both externally and internally). And why Acupuncture is a better option for pain relief than addictive opioid drugs.

--The "Rapid Release” tool (nicknamed "the muscle mower") that helps break up scar tissue and muscle tension in a relaxing way that patients love.

--How patients benefit from treatments such as Diathermy, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Auriculotherapy, and Microcurrent.

--How "Trigger Points" can cause pain and dysfunction. Plus, the Trigger Point therapies Dr. Prather uses to provide relief to his patients.

--Why it is so important for patients to be supervised when doing precise rehabilitation exercises in the Active Care phase of treatment.

--Why Dr. Prather finds Carpal Tunnel is more often than not Palmaris Longis Syndrome. And how Dr. Prather is able to help his patients find a more effective alternative to surgery.



Dr. Prather calls it "THE most important thing you can do for your health." The Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment is a gentle chiropractic adjustment of the first vertebrae in your spine. In fact, 80% of us need this adjustment without even realizing it. In this episode, you'll discover:

--How the Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment impacts the lower brain stem in one of the most important areas of the body, controlling all systems of the body.

--Why it is considered the most difficult adjustment to make in the body.

--Dr. Prather's own personal testimony how this adjustment helped his Graves' Disease as a young man and inspired him to help others.

--The two systems in the body that must be working properly for the rest of the body to work correctly.

--Why television personality Montel Williams called the Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment "the greatest thing that ever happened " to him to relieve his symptoms from Multiple Sclerosis.

--How the technique helps any type of nerve problems, central nervous system issues, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, ADD/ADHD, seizures, digestive problems, and vision issues.

--How a young woman's acne was even helped by the Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment, and how it helped solve a 12-year-old boy's bed wetting problem.

--Why everyone should be checked for this adjustment at least once a year.

--The testimony from a patient who was involved in a car accident and credits the Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment as the procedure "that changed everything" and gave him 100% improvement.



We are in part 2 of our series called "Your Health From Head To Toe".  80% of us will have TMJ in our lives, often being unaware that is the cause of our health issues. In this episode, discover:

--How TMJ is one of the joints that gives feedback to the brain about where the body is, giving it a global effect on the body. And how your jaw actually contains a disc.

--The surprising emotional effect of the jaw due to a nerve that goes directly to the brain's emotional center. (It's why the jaw tightens when you get tense or nervous.)

--Why TMJ is connected to suicides, and the amazing story that inspired Dr. Prather to get involved in treating TMJ even as a student.

--How you MUST have the Atlas (the first vertebrae in your neck) properly aligned in order to fix TMJ. And how TMJ causes pelvis, shoulder, and elbow problems.

--How TMJ is a major cause of unresolved headaches, and how Dr. Prather usually knows the source of headaches just hearing the patient describe them in the consultation.

--The gentle adjustment techniques Dr. Prather invented himself for TMJ that feel like a "puff of air" to the patient.

--Why Acupuncture is extremely helpful in relieving TMJ, especially in helping inflammation and with "immediate results".

--How Auriculotherapy (micro-current stimulation of ear Acupuncture points) is "the most proven treatment in the entire world" and how it helps long-term TMJ patients.

--That lymphatic congestion connects to TMJ and vertigo issues. And how short-wave Diathermy helps drain lymphatic congestion.

--The exercises you can do to help TMJ. And what you should do when you wake up in the morning to release the jaw muscle. Plus, the supplements helpful for TMJ.



We begin a 10-week series called "Your Health From Head To Toe" with a discussion on Headaches.  90% of all Americans will have a headache at least once this year. But 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches (meaning between 10 and 15 days every month). In this episode, find out:

--How 75% of chronic headache sufferers give up on seeking medical help after 3 years because they find no relief.

--The different types of headaches, both primary (tension, migraines, and cluster) and secondary.

--How Chiropractic adjustments are the best treatment for cervicogenic headaches, specifically the Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment of the top neck vertebrae in which Dr. Prather specializes.

--The role TMJ has in headaches, especially in the temple area. And the specialized Chiropractic adjustment technique for TMJ that Dr. Prather invented.

--How Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and Massage can help with headaches.

--The role hormones, food allergies, and mineral imbalances can play in migraine headaches.

--That one of the side effects of prescription drugs for headaches is...rebound headaches! And why prescription drugs should NOT be relied upon by those with chronic headaches.

--The tests and exam diagnostics you should have done to determine the root cause of your headaches. And why patients found relief at The Prather Practice after being unsuccessful in finding help at some of the top headache clinics in the world.

--How headaches can indicate something more serious and the symptoms you should especially be aware of.

--How hypoglycemia can be a cause of unexplained headaches along with dizziness and shakes.



Michael was a young radio talk show host unable to walk or talk after a battle with a brain tumor that included almost a year in an induced coma.  As a last-ditch effort to save his life, he was brought to The Prather Practice.  in this episode, you'll learn:

--How Dr. Prather being the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana was exactly what Michael needed.  And how the gentle Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic adjustment stopped a seizure in progress.

--Why Michael says the Auriculotherapy treatment at The Prather Practice was "amazing" in helping to stabilize and heal his neurological deterioration.

--The reason why Michael says the approach taken by Dr. Prather is "the most evidence-based” health care he has ever received.

--About the Electrodermal Screening (EDS) technology used to eliminate the guesswork when recommending products from the natural pharmacy at The Prather Practice.  

--How Michael had an eye surgery CANCELLED after four acupuncture treatments from Dr. Prather made the surgery unnecessary. 



We conclude our two-part series we began last week on the importance of supplementation. In this episode, we talk about:

--How the symptoms of aging are actually nutritional deficiencies, making supplementation especially necessary for older people.

--Why children are in need of additional supplementation.

--That your chance of surviving Cancer increases by 50% if you are not anemic. Plus, how anti-cholesterol statin drugs decrease your CoQ10 levels...which causes heart problems the drugs are supposed to prevent.

--How the American Cancer Society says that 60% of all Cancers are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

--The link between nutritional deficiency during pregnancy with postpartum depression and eclampsia.

--How every addict suffers from severe nutritional deficiencies and are in need of supplementation in order to be restored to health.

--Why 80% of all girls involved in school athletics are Iron deficient. And the incredible story of how Dr. Prather helped an entire girls cross-country team to win the state title with Iron supplementation!

--The importance of not guessing when it comes to a patient's supplementation by doing proper lab tests such as bloodwork, hair analysis, and stool testing.

--Why Dr. Prather uses a technology called Electrodermal Screening (EDS) to help provide accurate individual recommendations about which supplements will work best for a patient and give them "the most bang for the buck".

--How often someone should be checked for their nutritional health and supplementation needs.



Very few of us receive the nutrition that we need from our diet, making proper supplementation a vital part of our health. 68% of all Americans take supplements on a regular basis. In this episode, discover:

--The 4 different categories of supplements.

--Why Dr. Prather does NOT recommend multivitamins for most patients.

--The safety of supplements and why you need lab tests before taking any supplement. (And the shocking number of deaths per year from PROPERLY prescribed pharmaceuticals.)

--How the Structure/Function Health Care model practiced by The Prather Practice, by the FDA's own definition, truly does no harm.

--Why Dr. Prather says America has "the best Disease Care in the entire world", but "one of the worst Health Care models in the entire world".

--How "we could solve the health care crisis in America", improve patient outcomes, and reduce health care costs.

--What the first line of patient care should be for pain management. (Hint: It's not opioids.)

--The approach taken by The Prather Practice to determine exactly what supplementation a patient needs. And why Dr. Prather considers supplementation as "a very critical part" of his practice.

--How 97% of all Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease cases are AVOIDABLE.

--Why the nutritional quality of our food has deteriorated, making it "impossible to be healthy" from the food we eat.



Last week, we began a two-part series on Vitamins and talked about Fat Soluble Vitamins. This week, we focus on Water Soluble Vitamins (like Vitamins B and C). In this episode, find out:

--How water soluble vitamins are needed on a daily basis, while fat soluble vitamins are stored by the body.

--Why Dr. Prather "guarantees" that everyone on a pharmaceutical needs additional nutritional supplementation.

--That Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) can help with Asperger's, Autism, Heart Disease, and digestion. And why those who drink too much will "automatically have a Thiamine deficiency", but Thiamine can actually help alcoholics to stop drinking.

--How 28 million Americans have a Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) deficiency, which causes cracks around the corners of your mouth, inflamed tongue, eye redness, vision problems, skin problems, and nerve problems such as neuropathy. And why Riboflavin is "very, very important" for pregnant Moms, Diabetics, and migraine headache patients.

--Why Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) is important for good cholesterol, memory, cognitive function, mood, and red blood cell formation. But Dr. Prather also says "you have to be careful with Niacin" and not take too much of it.

--That "organ meats are better for you than regular meats", being lower in fat and more concentrated in vitamins and minerals.

--That Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) is considered the "anti-stress and anti-anxiety" vitamin that is good for depression, hair loss, and acne. And how Dr. Prather has used this supplement to get patients off of their anti-anxiety prescriptions.

--Why Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) is important for ankle swelling, learning disabilities, dandruff, PMS, and cracking of the lips and tongue.

--How Folic Acid is "the most common vitamin deficiency", resulting in birth defects, depression, irritability, weight loss, and anorexia. Plus, how Vitamin B-12 must be balanced in conjunction with Folic Acid for both of them to work correctly in your body.

--That bleeding of the gums is a sign of Vitamin C deficiency, while diarrhea is a sign that you are taking too much Vitamin C. And that Vitamin C can help with easy bruising and bed sores.



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