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Dr. Prather says breastfeeding is "the gift that keeps on giving" and the #1 determination for a person's health throughout their life. In this episode, find out:

--Why society needs to support breastfeeding Moms (including support from the father, from employers, and from public attitudes).

--The shocking lack of training and support our health care system offers for Moms when it comes to breastfeeding.

--That only 40% of all children in the world are breastfed. And how companies selling baby formula influenced this.

--Why the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control say that 800,000 fewer babies would die every year if they were breastfed instead of using formula.

--How breastfed babies have dramatically lower odds of suffering from Acute Ear Infections, Eczema, hospitalization for respiratory infections, Asthma, childhood obesity, Type II Diabetes, Childhood Leukemia, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

--How your ability to fight off infection starts and ends with what you get from your Mom (and why your immune system is impacted by it for the rest of your life).

--The amazing feedback feature between the baby's saliva and the Mother that will actually shift the nutrition the child needs from the Mother to the baby.

--How a baby's future emotional and psychological health is strengthened through breastfeeding. Plus, how a baby's I.Q. is increased by breastfeeding.

--How moms who breastfeed have a reduced risk for Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Postpartum Depression.

--How Structure/Function Health Care at The Prather Practice benefits pregnant and lactating moms who cannot be treated with Disease Care (drugs or surgery).



Are treatments in Alternative Medicine such as Acupuncture compatible with Christianity? Dr. Prather answers that question. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The difference between Structure-Function Health Care as practiced by The Prather Practice and the perceived definition of Alternative Medicine.

--How Dr. Prather answered one woman whose pastor told her not to do Acupuncture treatments because it was associated with Buddhism.

--Why Homeopathy has no religious or spiritual connotations, but includes evidence-based medicines such as Nitroglycerin.

--The role of Quantum Physics as the basis of Homeopathy and why it works.

--How atheists are the ones suppressing scientific advancement and knowledge today by denying scientific evidence of God. And why Israel is seeing more scientific advances and new inventions than any other country.

--Why the Disease Care Model that is the basis of our health care system is NOT a Christian-based system. And why the philosophy of "modern medicine" is actually an ancient system based on pagan religion.

--The connection between the ancient Asclepius cult, modern humanism, and our health care system today. And the Abraham Flexner report (written by a passionate opponent of Christianity) in 1910 that forms the basis of our health care system.

--How the philosophy that you should ONLY use pharmaceuticals to heal is ludicrous. And why Dr. Prather advocates an 80%-20% balance between Structure-Function Care and Disease Care.

--The Asclepian philosophy that formed the American Medical Association to combat Homeopathic Medicine.

--Why Dr. Prather adheres to the health care philosophy known as the Physiologists, who were the ones who basically came up with all of our blood tests and lab tests.




Free Radicals travel through the body and damage the system. If you could control your Free Radicals, you'd look like you're 21 for the rest of your life. In this episode, we talk about:

--Why Dr. Prather compares Free Radical Pathology to a rusty gate or a cut apple turning brown.

--How Free Radicals have a strong correlation to both cardiovascular disease and cancer, the top two killers.

--The way Cancer treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiation can cause more Free Radical production in the body, which can lead to an increased likelihood for a recurrence of Cancer.

--The ways we get Free Radical damage in our body, including: sunburn, X-Rays, heavy metal toxicities, nutritional deficiencies, a toxic bowel, and even things that are good for us like exercise.

--How most skin problems like skin tags, moles, liver spots, and wrinkles are connected to Free Radicals. And how cataracts are 100% a Free Radical issue, along with eye floaters.

--Why Fibromyalgia and bodily aches and pains can go away once Free Radical levels are brought under control.

--The specialized electrical conduction test at The Prather Practice that checks on the nervous system and circulatory system to reveal the level of Free Radicals. And how the clumping of blood cells reveals Free Radicals.

--How Free Radical pathology can be prevented or reversed. And how the best anti-aging that you can possibly do is control your Free Radical pathology.

--Why exercise in moderation helps control Free Radicals, but heavy exercise such as marathons, triathlons, and CrossFit can produce Free Radical damage. And the importance for athletes to take antioxidants to prevent Free Radical damage.

--The reason that smoking produces more Free Radical pathology than anything else you could possibly do. And how pharmaceuticals are big Free Radical pathology producers in your body.



Structure-Function Health Care (as opposed to Disease Care) is a non-pharmaceutical and safe approach to health for pregnant Moms. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Structure-Function Care is important for women BEFORE they get pregnant in order to detox the body from heavy metal toxicities or deal with certain gut infections that can't really be dealt with during pregnancy.

--How Zinc deficiency can cause Infertility and impact the development of the baby.

--The emphasis of diagnostics at The Prather Practice and the reason diagnostics are even more important in the Structure-Function Health Care Model compared to the Disease Care Model. And the shocking fact about how "reference ranges" on lab tests have NOTHING to do with your health.

--How almost all women become Anemic during pregnancy. And how Anemia can impact the immune system and intelligence of the developing baby.

--The correlation of kidney health to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. And how to avoid these conditions through proper protein intake.

--The value of eating liver (or taking liver capsules!) while pregnant for the health of the baby. And what the placenta reveals about the health of the pregnancy.

--How Hemorrhoids can be avoided during pregnancy. And where Hemorrhoids come from. (Not there!)

--Why Iodine has been proven to be the biggest factor in your child's I.Q. And its impact on the child's future Thyroid health.

--Why nutritional supplementation is so important for pregnant women. And why Dr. Prather says prenatal vitamins are "the bare minimum" required.

--The importance for Chiropractic care during pregnancy to help women keep comfortable and have a smoother delivery. Plus, how there are "happy baby" Acupuncture points that help both Moms and babies.


A child's immune system is "totally different" than an adult's immune system and requires a different approach to their health care. In this episode, find out:

--Why prescription drugs for children cannot be classified as "evidence-based medicine". And why pharmaceuticals for children should always be considered a "last resort" reserved for life-threatening situations.

--The reason why Dr. Prather says 95% of all care for children should be Structure-Function Care and only 5% of their care should be based on Disease Care.

--The alternatives to pharmaceuticals for children, including Homeopathy which produces zero side effects.

--How Nitroglycerin is a Homeopathic medicine...to the surprise of many doctors who prescribe it.

--Why children react "better and quicker" to Homeopathy than adults and is a great first line of defense for their health. And why Dr. Prather says Homeopathy is "made for children".

--The shocking underestimation of deaths every year from PROPERLY prescribed prescription drugs.

--The effective herbals that can safely be used for children to boost their immune system and improve their health.

--Why Dr. Prather recommends that children (as well as all adults) should have a blood analysis, a hair analysis, and a gut analysis every year.

--How children absorb heavy metals four times faster than adults. And how Aluminum is the most common toxicity Dr. Prather sees in children, which affects their bones and causes learning disabilities.

--The importance for children to receive Chiropractic Care as "the first step in getting their health in order". And how Chiropractic Care is really targeted at the nervous system, not the bones.



It's a misnomer to think kids are naturally healthy. As children develop and grow, they actually need more support for their health. In this episode, you'll discover:

--How very few children are in a normal range when Dr. Prather checks their blood work.

--Why Japan has the best childhood mortality rates...yet the least amount of vaccinations for children.

--The two biggest modern advances that reduced childhood mortality: better sanitation and the ability to give fluids through an I.V.

--The role of the Thymus as the center of a child's immune system (while an adult's is based on bone marrow.)

--How childhood obesity is an increasing problem. And the reason why Dr. Prather believes this is happening.

--Why ADD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders have dramatically increased in recent years in the U.S., but aren't found like that elsewhere in the world.

--The Structure-Function approach to children's health care used by The Prather Practice that gets better results with less risk than the Disease Care model of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

--Why antibiotics are a poor way to treat Otitis Media (ear infections). And the more effective Homeopathic medicines and natural treatments (like Chiropractic and Diathermy) that work better and quicker.

--How Structure-Function Care can provide "amazing results" for childhood asthma by dealing with the underlying problem that causes the condition, such as parasitic infections.

--The reason why Dr. Prather says children having parasites, chicken pox, or measles can actually help STRENGTHEN a child's immune system and can help DECREASE autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.



With the advancing of the years, we can actually turn back the clock according to Dr. Prather. In this episode, we talk about:

--The difference between chronological age and biological age, and how the two may not always line up. (And why, biologically,we should live to around 160.)

--Why the lungs are the best way to determine your biological age. Plus, how your kidneys, nervous system, and skin help determine biological age.

--The treatment Dr. Prather uses to take 20 years off of someone's biological age.

--The closer you are to homeostasis, the younger you are. And the more you are out of homeostasis, the older you are.

--How stress is the biggest barrier to longevity. And the muscle measure Dr. Prather uses to measure stress in the body.

--Why stress is the leading reason people seek out Chiropractic care. And how Chiropractic reduces biological age by changing the nervous system.

--How you'd look 21 for the rest of your life if you are perfectly oxygenated. And how to improve your low oxygenation.

--How proper balancing of hormones (which most people do not have) can change the aging process. And why Dr. Prather says his office has more ways of accomplishing that than almost anyplace in the country.

--How 70% of depression issues are related to the endocrine system (which also impacts weight gain and certain types of cancers). And how 60% of all cancers are related to your diet.

--How free radicals cause aging (liver spots, macular degeneration, cataracts).



The Centers for Disease Control is alerting the public to the danger of antibiotic overuse and misuse. Dr. Prather has the answer with alternatives to antibiotics. In this episode, you'll learn:

--The recommended natural products that are available to combat viruses, such as Vitamin A for Measles and Echinacea to keep the Lymphatic System flowing.

--The two ways of going after infections: (1) Going after the infection itself with pharmaceuticals and (2) Building up the body to battle the infection with its own immune system. And why natural methods of Structure-Function Health Care should be the first line of defense before resorting to the pharmaceuticals.

--The side-effects of antibiotics such as a head-to-toe rash, diarrhea, fungal and yeast infections, difficulty breathing, facial swelling, watery or bloody stool, mouth sores, nerve damage and permanent neuropathy, and C. Diff. infection.

--The proper testing to do in advance to see which antibiotic will work (or if it will work) before it is given. And how only about 5% of all infections are even touched by an antibiotic.

--The approach The Prather Practice uses to combat C. Diff. infection by rebuilding the gut flora through short-chain fatty acids and bacterial spores. And why this method is more favored than fecal implant procedures that sre often only temporarily effective.

--Why Gold is "extremely effective" in getting MRSA under control when other methods failed.

--How children under the age of one-year have a 10 times greater chance of reactions than adults. And why Dr. Prather says you should ALWAYS try to find an alternative to antibiotics when treating children.

--Why Dr. Prather says it is "a crazy thing" to use antibiotics on ear infections, which do not work because the infection is almost always viral or swelling related to teething. And the best way of treating bacterial ear infections through short-wave Diathermy and natural products such as homeopathy and Vitamin A.

--The method Dr. Prather uses to help Moms open up the Eustachian Tubes for ears that are backed up. And how he trains Moms on what to look for in their child's ear.

--How if a child has six or more antibiotics before the age of five, they are six times more likely to have a learning disability.



The Centers for Disease Control is alerting the public to the danger of antibiotic overuse and misuse. Dr. Prather has the answer with alternatives to antibiotics. In this episode, find out:

--Why the World Health Organization says we are now in a "post-antibiotic age" and what that means for our health.

--How post-surgical infections are more deadly today because bacteria no longer respond to the antibiotics.

--The problem with physicians getting their education from pharmaceutical companies instead of taking their guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the Surgeon General.

--How good bacteria that we need are also killed by antibiotics along with the bad bacteria. And how this can set us up for more problems if we take too many antibiotics.

--Why antibiotics are really supposed to be used only for life-threatening infections one or two times during a person's lifetime. And the fear of those who discovered antibiotics about how they would be misused.

-That only 10% of upper-respiratory infections and sore throats should receive an an antibiotic because they are viral and antibiotics do not touch viruses. Yet antibiotics are the most common treatment for upper-respiratory infections.

--How GOLD is the strongest antibiotic known to mankind and does not produce antibiotic resistance. And how MRSA infections have been helped by gold when antibiotics failed.

--Why Dr. Prather says 89-90% of all antibiotic use is NOT NECESSARY. And the shocking amount of antibiotics given to livestock (and put into our food supply) every year.

--The recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control for patients to actually challenge whether an antibiotic is necessary when the doctor is writing the prescription.

--How Dr. Prather's office enhances the effects of antibiotics and helps offset any negative side-effects in the rare instances when an antibiotic is required.


Indiana has an Iodine deficiency. And the list of symptoms associated with Iodine deficiency is LONG. In this episode, discover:

--Why the Midwest used to be called "The Goiter Belt". And why only 5% of the patients coming through Dr. Prather's office have a normal Thyroid.

--The MANY symptoms of low Iodine, including: fatigue, apathy, depression, irritability, weight gain, constipation, menstrual issues, premenstrual syndrome, infertility, insomnia, low libido, carpal tunnel syndrome, sensitivity to cold and heat, recurring infections, high cholesterol, anxiety, panic attacks, poor memory and concentration, anemia, slow healing, hoarse voice, tingling hands and feet, hair loss, dry skin and hair, headaches, water retention, dry eyes, and blurred vision.

--How patients have been told by other doctors that their Thyroid is fine, but Dr. Prather finds the tests have not been thorough enough.

--The difference between Structure-Function Health Care (like what is used at The Prather Practice) and Disease Care when interpreting bloodwork.

--How Iodine is important for muscle development, proper organ function, the entire endocrine system, the brain, and has "a far-reaching effect on every cell of the body”.

--The importance of Iodine for a baby's growth and development, along with the I.Q. of a child. 

--Why Iodine is "essential" for weight loss.  And how Iodine prevents flabby muscles and promotes good muscle tone.

--The necessity of proper Zinc levels and proper Liver function for the body to utilize and absorb Iodine.

--The way Iodine helps stop infections as an antiseptic, killing bacteria and fungals when put on cuts. And when taken internally, it helps keep infections down.

--The "big area that is often missed" of low Iodine kicking off hyperestrogenism in females, which increases a woman's risk of cancer and is associated with premenstrual syndrome. And how Iodine is the cure for Fibrocystic breast disease and is helpful with endometriosis. 



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