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Holidays can be a stressful time on our bodies. And many people are sick right now as a result of that extra stress. In this episode, discover:

--The amazing difference in your immune system when smiling and frowning.

--How both massage and acupuncture can help you relax and relieve stress on the body. And how some patients say acupuncture is actually more relaxing than the massage!

--The natural products and supplements that can help you sleep (with no pharmaceuticals and no risk.)

--Why you shouldn't put a winter coat on a child in a car seat.

--Why NOW is the best time to get your annual exams since most people have already met their insurance or Medicare deductible.

--How Chiropractic adjustments are important in combating the stress that knock you out of proper alignment.

--The natural, non-pharmaceutical, products at The Prather Practice to help fight illness.

--How you can give the gift of health to loved ones this year.

--That dishwashers and washing machines actually help our health.

--Why Vitamin D is an important part of keeping up your immune system in the winter, BUT you need to be tested for it to avoid taking too much.




Recent news stories reported that people have been hospitalized with Campylobacter Infection from handling puppies in pet stores. In this episode, we talk about:

--What the Campylobacter Infection is and the symptoms of it (including bloody diarrhea, fever, and nausea).

--How the Campylobacter Infection is antibiotic-resistant and how people catch it.

--That the Campylobacter Infection is the most common infection in the gut with 1.3 million infections each year in the U.S.

--How 33% of all chicken meat has Campylobacter on it, but washing chicken can actually SPREAD Campylobacter.

--How bacteria becomes antibiotic-resistant and what prescribing and environmental patterns we need to change.

--The difference between Acute Campylobacter Infections and Chronic Campylobacter Infections that Dr. Prather often finds patients are unaware of (but is the root cause of their health issues).

--The connection between Campylobacter and autoimmune diseases such as Osteoarthritis and Guillain-Barre.

--The DNA stool kit testing that The Prather Practice does to diagnose the underlying infection in a patient (and how it is covered by most insurances).

--The natural answer The Prather Practice offers for infections that are antibiotic-resistant including infection-killing oxygen drops, herbals, and Homeopathics that stimulate the body's own immune system.

--How The Prather Practice builds up the GOOD bacteria in your gut which leaves no room for any additional type of infections. (And how lab tests show that "no one" has good gut flora when they first come into The Prather Practice as patients.)




We think of parasites as a third-world problem, but it is actually a greater problem in America than most (including doctors) realize. In this episode, learn:

--How The Prather Practice often diagnoses parasites in patients who have "been everywhere" searching for the cause of their health problems but were never able to determine what was wrong with them.

--Why Dr. Prather estimates that 65% of those in the Indianapolis area have a parasitic infection right now. --The parasites that the Centers for Disease Control are trying to promote more awareness about, including one that causes blindness in children.

--That the Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning for Vietnam Veterans who are developing a form of cancer from parasites they contracted decades ago.

--How parasites can even go into the brain and cause seizures, leading to a false epilepsy diagnosis.

--That many autoimmune diseases are caused by an underlying parasite and the stress the parasite causes to the body.

--Why Dr. Prather says "every single symptom" can be caused by parasites, which makes it difficult to diagnose.

--The diagnostic tests Dr. Prather uses to diagnose parasites, including one that everyone should have on an annual basis.

--The treatments for parasites offered by The Prather Practice, such as herbals and Homeopathics (which are "the secret weapon" Dr. Prather uses). And why pharmaceuticals are "never enough" to defeat parasites.

--Plus, hear the story of a family who comes all the way from Louisiana to Indianapolis just to see Dr. Prather.





The Centers for Disease Control has said that lead toxicity should be a top priority. Over 500,000 children have high lead levels in their blood. In this episode, you'll discover:

--Why children are at greater risk and more susceptible to absorbing toxic levels of lead, and the reason why boys absorb heavy metals more than girls.

--How lead toxicity is linked to symptoms such as anemia, anorexia, anxiety, confusion, depression, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, hypertension, incoordination, irritability, abdominal pain, constipation, muscle pain, restlessness, and tremors.

--The link between lead toxicity and learning disabilities or hyperactivity in children. And why even a small exposure to lead can reduce a child's I.Q. permanently.

--The treatments for lead toxicity and less traumatic alternatives to I.V. Chelation that Dr. Prather uses such as oral chelation, mineral supplements, vitamins, and homeopathics.

--How most people suffering from lead toxicity have no idea what they have and the tests you should have to find out.

--Why Dr. Prather says about a third of his patients have some sort of heavy metal toxicity (aluminum, nickel, mercury, cadmium, or lead).

--The importance Dr. Prather places on getting to the underlying cause of a health issue (like the Structure/Function health care model) instead of just treating symptomatology (like the disease care model does).

--The inspiring story of a patient who went through two years of medical tests without doctors being able to figure out the problem, but found relief after just four weeks with Dr. Prather's treatment.

--The reason why everyone--including all children under the age of 5--should have a hair analysis every year to test for heavy metal toxicity.




The GI Effects Stool Kit is a recommended annual test to determine the health of your gut--where 80% of your immune system is found. In this episode, you'll learn:

--The huge leap forward through the biogenome project that reveals more about what's going on in our health.

--Why you have more "other" cells in our bodies than cells with your own DNA. And how those cells are essential to our health and well-being,

--The diseases that originate in the gut: Cancer, Heart Disease, and all Auto-Immune Disease (Sjogren's Syndrome, Graves' Disease, Hashimoto's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type II Diabetes, Osteoarthritis).

--How the GI Effects test not only reveals the underlying problem in your gut, but also reveals the specific products to treat it.

--Why low iron is the leading cause of attention deficit disorder in young women (leading to recommendations of prescriptions like Adderall which can worsen the problem) when the underlying cause is really a gut bacterial infection.

--Why almost all rashes and skin issues in babies are due to an underlying yeast infection in the gut. And why all acne cases should begin with a check of gut toxicity.

--While everyone should have an annual GI Effects Test, those with the following conditions absolutely MUST have one: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, anyone with an immune system problem, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease risk.

--How the GI Effects Test can determine your likelihood of developing colon cancer.

--How the GI Effects Test helped determine the cause (and treatment) for someone with undiagnosed headaches and has even helped find parasites causing insomnia and sleep disturbance.

--The story of the patient who had been everywhere--Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins--and could not find relief from her health symptoms until Dr. Prather determined the root issue through a GI Effects Test.




There are 3 tests Dr. Prather recommends everyone have every year to get a blueprint to your health. One of those tests is a Hair Analysis to reveal your body's mineral levels. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Mineral deficiency is common due to the deficiencies in our food, and how entire civilizations rise and fall based on the quality of minerals in their land.

--The role stress, pharmaceuticals, and diet play in mineral depletion.

--Why Minerals are so important to our health.

--What a Hair Analysis reveals.

--How heavy metal toxicity poisons your body and dramatically impacts your health. And who is at greatest risk for heavy metal toxicity (such as 80% of dentists and 40% of children).

--Why Hair Analysis is key for Cancer patients.

--How Aluminum toxicity impacts Autism, Asperger's Disease, ADD, and ADHD. And how we consume an increasing amount of Aluminum through cookware, vaccinations, food preservatives, and anti-perspirants.

--Why Dr. Prather will not treat someone with Osteoporosis unless he can do a Hair Analysis. (And how more Calcium can actually make Osteoporosis WORSE in certain cases.)

--The most common Mineral deficiency and how it can affect your health in a variety of areas: vision, heart problems, kidney issues, liver disorders, prostate problems, fertility, and eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

--The role Minerals play in triggering depression.




We begin a three-part series on The Blueprint To Your Health, where we talk about the 3 tests Dr. Prather recommends that everyone get every year. In this episode, learn:

--How blood work reveals both what is wrong with the body and what could possibly go wrong.

--Why Dr. Prather often identifies problems in someone's blood work when several other doctors said there was nothing wrong. And the difference between Disease Care and the Structure-Function Health Care model Dr. Prather uses when evaluating blood work.

--How Dr. Prather does NOT treat diseases, but is a Health doctor who fixes the underlying cause of any imbalance in the body. And how Disease Care doctors focus on treating symptomatology.

--That health care costs would dramatically decrease and patient results would improve if our health care system was based more on the Structure-Function Health Care model instead of Disease Care.

--Why The Prather Profile blood test is "an executive level" blood test identical to what the President of the United States would get. And why Dr. Prather as a Structure-Function doctor does MORE lab tests than Disease Care doctors.

--That The Prather Profile blood panel includes more than 50 different tests that covers anything that could possibly be wrong in the body from A to Z. Plus, hear the funny story about how this national profile was named after Dr. Prather.

--How Dr. Prather's training included over 650 hours of training on interpreting blood work, while the average medical doctor only has 15 hours of training in medical school.

--The "secret" Lisa Prather tells about Dr. Prather's own aversion to blood work...which he calls "The Warrior Reflex".

--Why insurance companies DON'T like it if you miss your annual blood test. And why they cover The Prather Profile very well.

--How Dr. Prather looks beyond "the normal" reference ranges on blood work. And how reference ranges on blood work only reveal where 50% of people tested (which varies by each lab), while Dr. Prather judges blood work on an optimal Homeostasis range for your body.




Flu season runs from October to March in the Northern Hemisphere. Dr. Prather will help you prepare for it. In this episode, find out:

--The signs and symptoms of flu. And how to tell the difference between the flu and a cold.

--How far water droplets carrying the flu virus can travel when someone sneezes. Plus, how long the water droplets can stay in the air to expose you to the flu virus.

--The complications of flu and how long the flu should last before it becomes really necessary to see a doctor.

--Those who are at most risk for getting the flu. And the test your doctor should give you to accurately diagnose the flu.

--Why a Structure-Function office like The Prather Practice focuses on building up the immune system instead of giving vaccinations. And the potential risks associated with taking the flu vaccine.

--Which flu vaccines you should not take because they do not work. And which flu vaccine you should ask for if you do decide to vaccinate.

--Why nutritional supplements are really "concentrated foods" you take to boost the immune system. And which supplements Dr. Prather especially recommends for the flu.

--How anti-cholesterol statin drugs make you MORE susceptible to the flu. And the supplement Dr. Prather suggests you take to help offset that susceptibility.

--That Homeopathic hospitals during the 1918 Spanish Flu had only a 10% death rate while the medical hospitals had a death rate of 90%. And how Dr. Prather uses Homeopathy to "make some amazing changes" in helping his patients fight the flu today.

--What can be done to prevent the flu. Plus, find out how bad the flu season is expected to be this year.




The average American eats 75 pounds of sugar each year when we should consume only 25 to 30 pounds per year. In this episode, find out:

--Why sugar itself is not a bad thing, but what we've done with it is.

--How the amount of fiber versus sugar in our diets has changed over the years.

--How sugar affects children differently than adults, as sugar actually changes a child's brain chemistry similar to how cocaine changes a brain. And how sugar addiction can lead to drug addiction.

--Why the problem is REFINED sugar that is more like a drug instead of the natural UNREFINED sugar that still contains all the nutrients.

--The results of Dr. Prather's tests on his kids and their friends in choosing between snacks made with refined versus unrefined sugar.

--Why you need a lot of fiber to properly process sugar. (And why oatmeal cookies can be good for you if done correctly.)

--How sugar changes I.Q., speed of learning, and the ability to concentrate.

--How sugar affects our immune system. And the links between sugar and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

--The healthy alternatives to sugar: Stevia (which Dr. Prather calls his favorite since it contains NEGATIVE calories), Xylitol (which helps with cavities and strengthens teeth), Honey (which if grown locally helps fight allergies), and Rapidura.

--How purified fruit juices can be a problem since they take out all the fiber (and why Dr. Prather is pro-pulp).




Our Endocrine System influences how we think, our emotions, and who we are. Dr. Prather calls it "The Chemical Master" of our body. In this episode, you'll discover:

--That Endocrine System problems include hair loss, weight gain, a general feeling of malaise and fatigue. And even our happiness is connected to it. Anxiety and Depression often go away when the Endocrine System is fixed.

--Why women have an Endocrine System that is a moving target, while men have a very simple system. And hear the amazing explanation on why a healthy Endocrine system makes someone more attractive!

--How growing boys can become taller (with a variance of up to 4 inches) if their endocrine system is balanced properly. And why Jr. High basketball players come to see Dr. Prather to become taller!

--How Pituitary and Hypothalamus can impact the menstrual cycles of young women who often are encouraged to go on prescription birth control to balance out their periods. (And the unhealthy side effects of long term birth control use.)

--How pharmaceuticals can damage the Endocrine System. For example, how Synthroid causes depression in 80% of users. And how even Aspirin and Ibuprofen impact our Endocrine System in a negative way.

--The role the Parathyroids play in Calcium regulation (which if not balanced properly can lead to Osteoporosis or Kidney Stones).

--Why Headaches, Hypertension, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety are linked to Adrenal Gland function. And how 80% of High Blood Pressure is rooted in the Adrenal Glands.

--How Dr. Prather says we abuse our Pancreas and its importance to our health and wellness (such as in Type II Diabetes). And why Dr. Prather says Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled WITHOUT medication.

--The role of the gonads (the eggs and testes) in our Endocrine system and in regulating our hormones. And how our Endocrine System is directly tied to our sexual health, our muscle strength, and remaining young and vibrant. Plus, why Dr, Prather says declining Hormones result in aging instead of aging being the cause of declining Hormones.

--Why the chemicals in our food and water can damage sperm count in men and change the proper hormonal balance in our bodies.




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