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Dr. Prather says it is a myth that cholesterol is the CAUSE of Cardiovascular Disease. High cholesterol is instead a SYMPTOM of Cardiovascular Disease. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How the pharmaceutical companies had the labs change the reference ranges for cholesterol levels when cholesterol medications were developed. And why reference ranges on lab tests are NOT the ideal number Dr. Prather looks for.

--That cholesterol is an essential building material the body uses to help heal damage in the body and is key to hormone production.

--Why the Coronary Risk Factor ratio in your cholesterol number should be more of a focus than the overall cholesterol number.

--How LOW cholesterol can cause fatigue, difficulty thinking, increased risk of cancer, loss of memory, mental confusion, and greater susceptibility to viruses.

--The harmful side effects of statin drugs. And why Type II Diabetics and those with high liver enzymes should NOT take statin drugs.

--How the #1 reason for high cholesterol is a sick liver. And the various underlying causes of high cholesterol: Low thyroid, Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, mineral imbalances, low Vitamin D, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, and chronic pain.

--That Cholesterol is more of a warning instead of the disease process itself. And why Dr. Prather says the key is finding the underlying cause and reason of high cholesterol.

--Why Cancer patients need to keep their cholesterol levels HIGH. And why cholesterol drugs can actually increase your chance of Cancer.

--How to regulate your cholesterol through diet by eating what Dr. Prather calls "real" food and by shopping only on the outside aisles of the grocery store.

--Why you should have a goal to get off of statin drugs as soon as possible. Plus, the increased nutritional needs of your body when you are on statin drugs.




Too many patients and health care professionals believe that antibiotics solve almost anything and are a cure-all. Unfortunately, that belief has led to a health care crisis where antibiotics are overused when there are more appropriate and more effective alternatives. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Dr. Prather calls antibiotics "a precious resource that we are destroying" by over-prescribing. And why he says we should respect antibiotics more to make sure the next generation still has them.

--That, in 2010, there were 258 million antibiotic courses ordered out of 309 million people. (That's 833 antibiotics for every 1000 people!)

--That the Centers for Disease Control has a goal to reduce antibiotic use by one-third and want to make it easier for doctors to tell the patients "No" when it comes to antibiotic prescriptions.

--Why children are three to six times MORE likely to get infections if they wrongly receive antibiotics.

--How Homeopathy was effective in fighting Cholera epidemics. And why Homeopathy can get faster results than an antibiotic in relief of symptoms.

--How herbal medications were the most effective remedy when the SARS outbreak occurred in China. And the herbals you should always have in your medicine cabinet (especially for parents with young children who are looking for a safe and gentle option).

--How Vitamins and Minerals fight infections. For example, Vitamin C along with an antibiotic makes the antibiotic 50% more effective.

--Why Chiropractic adjustments help fight infections.

--How 85% of Cancer patient complaints are resolved if the patients are undergoing Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments at the same time.

--How Antibiotics actually destroy the good bacteria in the gut and why Probiotics are necessary for anyone on Antibiotics.




Some people have a negative view of Chiropractic care without realizing WHY they have a negative opinion. In this episode, we talk about:

--Why the perception of Chiropractic being unsafe and unscientific was the result of a conspiracy on the part of the American Medical Association that was proven in a landmark Supreme Court case.

--How insurance companies prove the safety of Chiropractic by offering Chiropractors the lowest malpractice rates of any health care professional. And how low malpractice rates surprisingly result in a lower reimbursement rate for Chiropractors.

--The variety of techniques in the Chiropractic profession (over 700!) and the gentle, non-force adjusting techniques Dr. Prather uses in his practice.

--The most common mobilization technique in Chiropractic that makes the "cracking and popping sounds". Plus, why Dr. Prather doesn't use that technique.

--Which health conditions require specialized Chiropractic adjusting techniques, including Osteoporosis and post-surgery.

--How the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment of the top vertebrae is a specialty of Dr. Prather, who is the only board-certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana.

--How the study connecting strokes to Chiropractic adjustment was composed entirely of cases where the adjustments were made by people who weren't even Chiropractors!

--Why going to your hairdresser to get your hair washed is a higher risk than getting a Chiropractic neck adjustment.

--Why even post-surgical Scoliosis patients with a rod in their back can get relief from a safe, gentle, reflex adjustment technique.

--The benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for patients who have had knee and hip replacements.




Auriculotherapy is a safe treatment that uses micro-current electrical stimulation on the ear to make changes throughout the body. In this episode, learn:

--Why Dr. Prather calls Auriculotherapy "one of the most powerful therapies we do".

--How Auriculotherapy "rewires the central computer (the brain)” using the ear as the conduit to your brain.

--Why it is called "the most proven therapy in the entire world".

--How Auriculotherapy is especially helpful in chronic pain patients.

--The life-changing story of a fibromyalgia patient who, after years of suffering, eliminated three different pain medications after just one week of treatment.

--Why Auriculotherapy provides amazing changes for patients who have tried everything else, had nothing work, and have no hope.

--The remarkable way that the ear is a perfect representation of the entire body, and how you can affect anything and everything in the body by working on the ear.

--How Auriculotherapy helps with addictions (food, drugs, smoking), anxiety, insomnia, learning disorders, emotional issues, PTSD, and phantom limb pain.

--How children with ADD/ADHD are transformed through this therapy (and without drugs).

--Why Dr. Prather believes Auriculotherapy is one of the major futures of health care in providing natural pain relief instead of dangerous, addictive prescription drugs.




Around 80% of women and 20% of men are shown to be low in iron. Everyone should have their iron checked at least once per year. In this episode, find out:

--The amazing story about how an iron supplementation program helped a girls cross country team qualify for State, improve academic performance, and even be better behaved with their parents.

--How eating ice or chewing on pencils can indicate low iron. And the connection between iron deficiency and pregnancy cravings (even a craving to eat dirt!).

--Emotional and behavioral issues that result from low iron, and the connection between low iron and A.D.D. (especially in girls).

--The symptoms of iron deficiency and how low iron is too often missed by medical professionals.

--How iron levels in pregnant women impact the I.Q. of their child.

--The foods that are highest in iron (and the food Dr. Prather recommends especially for vegetarians and vegans).

--The particular iron level that MUST be checked...which most doctors don't bother to test.

--Why Anemia IS a big deal and how it can reduce the length and quality of your life.

--How iron toxicity is a very serious problem, especially among older men, and why it increases your chance of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a FALSE diabetes diagnosis.

--The cases where iron toxicity was misdiagnosed as ALS or Parkinson's Disease.




50 million prescriptions per year are written for anxiety. But there are safer, natural alternatives that are more effective. In this episode, discover:

--The 80-20 rule for a healthy stress balance, where we should be in a "rest and digest" mode 80% of the time and in a "fight or flight" stress mode 20% of the time.

--How anxiety disorder medications cause about 38,000 deaths annually from PROPERLY prescribed drugs. And why Dr. Prather says these medications should not be taken more than a two-week period.

--Why Chiropractic adjustments make "an immediate difference" for anxiety patients. And how Dr. Prather uses gentle, non-force techniques to adjust that are especially helpful for patients with anxiety.

--That the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Acupuncture as a treatment for anxiety. And why people often fall asleep during an Acupuncture treatment!

--How Auriculotherapy treats the brain through stimulation of points on the ears, which is helpful for many health issues (including anxiety issues).

--The effectiveness of Homeopathy on anxiety disorders without the dangerous side-effects of prescription drugs.

--The herbals which are helpful as a "natural sedative" and have been shown to provide an equal or better response compared to pharmaceutical anxiety drugs.

--Why Dr. Prather considers massage a key part of his own health regimen and recommends it for stress relief.

--The role hormones play in anxiety disorders. And how the endocrine system must be balanced correctly for our body to give a correct response to stress and anxiety.

--The diagnostic tests that should be done for anxiety patients in order to determine the root cause of the anxiety disorder. And how The Prather Practice can test for stress response markers and check the autonomic nervous system.




Dr. Prather gives an update on the current flu epidemic, which is expected to last another 11 to 13 weeks. Then, he talks about Anxiety Disorders that impact 6.5 million Americans. In this episode, we talk about:

--That this is one of the worst flu seasons in recent history. And how the predictions about this year's flu season were wrong.

--Why those taking cholesterol medications or antibiotics are more susceptible to the flu. And why Dr. Prather says almost all pharmaceuticals lower your immune system response.

--How The Prather Practice helps patients keep their immune system up to par, including watching their Vitamin D levels. Plus, find out about the homeopathic formula for the flu that proved effective in the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak and is still available (and effective) today.

--What constitutes the clinical definition of an Anxiety Disorder, which goes beyond the anxiety that we all have. And the five different categories for Anxiety Disorders.

--How the digestive and endocrine systems are affected by Anxiety Disorders. And what your breathing indicates about your anxiety level.

--The connection between Autoimmune Diseases (like Multiple Sclerosis) and Anxiety Disorders.

--How Dr. Prather helps Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with proven homeopathic remedies, certain acupuncture patterns, and Auriculotherapy which directly targets the brain.

--The connection between the posture and position of the body to mental and anxiety disorders. And how The Prather Practice uses treatments such as chiropractic and massage to change the posture and muscles of the body, which directly settles a patient's anxiety.

--Why Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not limited to those in the military.

--The lowered vitamins and minerals that result from anxiety disorders.




The HCG Diet is a short-term diet that results in losing a half-pound to a pound daily, while targeting the loss of fat and not muscle. In this episode, learn about: 

--Why MEDICAL weight loss is important to both maximize your health and maximize your fat loss results.

--How The Prather Practice does lab tests to diagnose any underlying cause of weight gain, which must be corrected first before any weight loss program can work.

--That the Body Composition Analysis is a better measurement than Body Mass Index. And why focusing on inches lost and fat percentage lost is more important than just the number on the scale.

--How the HCG Diet was discovered by a world-renowned endocrinologist when studying pregnant women.  

--The amazing side effects of the HCG Diet, including a boost in energy and a testosterone boost for men

--How the HCG Diet helps your body establish a new "set" weight that it will maintain unlike the "yo-yo" dieting from most weight loss program results.

--Why you should NEVER buy HCG products online, but get them from a reputable source that also monitors your lab tests.

--How The Prather Practice can tailor HCG Diet plans for everyone, including vegetarians. Plus, how the HCG Diet is composed of normal foods (”nothing fancy") that are easy to find.  

--The three phases of the HCG Diet, which begins with three days of loading up on high-fat foods.

--The Lipotropic vitamin injections taken twice weekly to give your body an energy boost during the HCG Diet.  




Weight loss is one of the top resolutions made for the new year. The Prather Practice has a proven program to help you reach your goals. In this episode, find out:

--That the obesity rate has dramatically climbed in the past two decades, including in Indiana which is in the Top 10 of obese states.

--How food portions and serving sizes have increased.

--Why The Prather Practice's approach to weight loss is more sustainable with permanent results compared to most of the "yo-yo" diets out there with only temporary results.

--How The Prather Practice doesn't just have one weight loss program, but an individualized program designed for each patient.

--Why eating smaller meals throughout the day is more in tune with how your body absorbs nutrients.

--How The Prather Program focuses on body fat percentage and inches lost as more important than indicators such as total pounds or Body Mass Index.

--The technique The Prather Practice uses that is similar to "a little Pac Man in the body" that eats up body fat for a 23-day or 45-day program to lose between a half-a-pound and a pound daily.

--Why Dr. Prather calls his program a "medical weight loss" program and why he insists on lab work before starting a patient on any weight loss program.

--That low Iron anemia will not allow your body to lose weight. And how it's very common at The Prather Practice for Type II Diabetes patients to completely eliminate their insulin after being on the HCG Diet.

--The G.I. Effects stool kit that a weight loss patient should have to determine any food allergies or underlying gut issues that directly contribute to gaining weight.




How to cut health care costs by 40%, while improving patient satisfaction and health. In this powerful episode, Dr. Prather shares the model for his office and the "seismic finding" of a major insurance company research project. Learn:

--The solution for our nation's health care crisis in which we spend more money than anyone else, with "abysmal" results in the health of patients (especially in areas such as cardiovascular and cancer).

--The difference between Disease Care and Structure/Function Health Care models and how the best path forward is the best of both worlds.

--The 80/20 rule for the appropriate balance between Structure/Function Health Care and Disease Care.

--Why the cause of symptoms and disease processes is unimportant in the Disease Care model, but the Structure/Function model is dependent upon discovering the underlying cause.

--Why the Disease Care approach is not the first place you should go when you are sick.

--When the Disease Care model truly shines.

--How you can increase your chances of surviving cancer by 50%.

--The 5-year insurance company study that showed the health care model used in Dr. Prather's office reduced overall health care costs by 40%, slashed pharmaceutical costs by 85%, and hospital stays by over 60%. (And decreased adverse patient reactions and malpractice suits by 80%, while boosting patient satisfaction and health!)

--What obstacles must be overcome to implement this model nationally, and the plans to do just that.




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