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When you have done everything right and still can't shed the weight, oftentimes the problem is hormonal. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How the hormones have a regulatory influence on your weight.

--The influence outside chemicals (such plastics or food additives) have on our hormonal balance.

--The link between a man's hormones and prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and obesity.

--Why taking testosterone for low testosterone (which impacts both men and women) can actually make the problem WORSE and result in even lower testosterone.

--The reason why men's hormones are much easier to balance compared to women.

--The huge influence of the liver (which Dr. Prather calls an "endocrine balancer") in analyzing your hormonal balance.

--Why your chances of getting cancer are SIX TIMES greater if you are overweight due to your hormones.

--How fat itself produces imbalances in your hormones.

--Why Dr. Prather believes 98% of patients would be harmed by pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy or biodentical hormones. (And the subtle, safer, and natural adjustment they need instead to balance their hormones.

--The reason why Dr. Prather insists on thorough lab testing for his weight loss patients.



People get sicker, have more depression, put on weight, and have more injuries in the winter. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How lack of sun in winter impacts our immune system, our mood, our brain function, and our endocrine system.

--Why you live longer if you live in a harsher, northern climate when you're young and live in a warmer, southern climate when you're old.

--Why this is a good time to check your Vitamin D levels. And why you SHOULD NOT just take Vitamin D without getting blood work first (as too much Vitamin D can damage organs in your body).

--Why we gain weight in the winter (between 5 and 10 pounds on average for adults). And why'd we'd gain weight in the winter even if we ate the same amount of calories (which we don't).

--How our endocrine system is affected by colder weather. (And how our body "winterizes" itself.)

--The dietary changes that should be made in the winter to avoid weight gain. And one of the "guaranteed ways to lose weight".

--The favorite natural supplement Dr. Prather recommends in the winter that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.

--Why infections increase during the winter. And the problem we now have due to antibiotic overuse. Plus, the number of times in your life you should have an antibiotic.

--The tool Dr. Prather uses to determine which supplement or product (out of thousands of possibilities) will work best for your body.

--How cholesterol lowering drugs make someone more susceptible to viruses.



The Prather Practice is able to get results for their patients when others have failed because they use a combination of Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy to get long-lasting results. In this episode, you'll discover:

--How Structure determines Function and Function determines Structure. And what that means for your health.

--Why Dr. Prather says "structure overrides function" when it comes to pain in the body. And the difference between Passive Care and Active Care in Structure Health Care.

--The "gold standard" J-Tech technology used by The Prather Practice to provide a computerized analysis of your range-of-motion and muscle strength to find imbalances in your body.

--Why Chiropractic makes Rehabilitation work better...and Rehabilitation helps the Chiropractic adjustments hold better.

--How musicians are vulnerable to repetitive-motion injuries and can benefit from something called "nerve flossing". Plus, how a rice bucket can help strengthen your wrist.

--Why picking up MARBLES with your toes can help with Plantar Fasciitis! And how custom orthotics "make all the difference in the world" with long-term results.

--Why strengthening the quad muscles is key for knee pain. And how failed knee surgery is something Dr. Prather sees often in his office.

--The light and specialized adjustment done at The Prather Practice that provides immediate relief from Sciatica Pain.

--How tight hamstrings contribute to low back pain. And why men should avoid keeping a wallet or phone in their back pocket.

--The "chin tuck" exercise you can do in the car if you have neck pain.



As you shop for gifts this holiday season, consider giving gifts that will help improve the health and wellness of those you love. In this episode, we talk about:

--How you can give gift certificates for a therapeutic message that no one will want to return!

--How The Prather Practice has the best massage prices in the Indianapolis area.

--Why Essential Oils can help promote relaxation and other health benefits, in addition to smelling good.

--The most technologically-advanced insole on the market that actually molds itself to your foot to provide circulation and support.

--How AirFeet reduces fatigue and keeps you feeling refreshed by providing shock absorption for your feet.

--Why the active gel in AirFeet targets reflexology points to help patients with plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, and even takes pressure off of your back, knees, and ankles.

--The special radio code to get a 15% discount on your AirFeet order through the end of December!

--The natural remedies everyone should have in their medicine cabinet that are a much safer alternative to many over-the-counter drugs.

--The topical lotion that "does wonders" in reducing joint and muscle pain (and proven through blood work, too).

--The "crowd favorite" that relieves muscle spasms, tension and stress.



It's that time of year when the flu season charges upon us. What should you do to best protect yourself from the flu? In this episode, you'll learn:

--The symptoms of the flu and how those symptoms differ from a cold. And the health conditions and populations which have a greater risk for the flu.

--Why Dr. Prather doesn't get a flu shot...and hasn't had the flu since high school.

--How last year's flu shot had an effectiveness of 47%, which was considered successful.

--How the Centers for Disease Control does NOT recommend the nasal spray vaccine option this year.

--Why you shouldn't just rely on the vaccine and should take steps to boost your immune system.

--The serious potential side effects from the flu shot, including Guillain-Barre Syndrome patients Dr. Prather has treated whose problems began with the flu vaccine.

--Why you need to measure your immune system through blood tests to know the true status of your health. And how your immune system is one of the biggest indicators of how long you'll live.

--Why Dr. Prather has a stricter standard when reading blood work than the average Medical Doctor. (The difference between Structure/Function Health Care and Disease Care.)

--How Dr. Prather makes it a priority to determine WHY your immune system is compromised (and 80% of the time the culprit is the gut).

--That Homeopathic hospitals only had a 10% death rate during the Spanish Flu, while medical hospitals had a 90% death rate. And how Homeopathy can help you to prevent and fight the flu.



Homeopathy is a safe and proven alternative to dangerous prescription drugs, without any side effects. And it's something you should consider adding to your own health care. In this episode, find out:

--How homeopathic hospitals had a 10% death rate during the Spanish Flu, while the medical hospitals had a 90% death rate.

--Why we would not have modern medicine today if it weren't for Homeopathy. And how Nitroglycerin is actually a Homeopathic Medicine.

--The Law of Similars upon which Homeopathy is based. And how vaccinations and allergy shots are based upon this philosophy as well.

--Why Homeopathy works whether you believe in it or not (as there is no placebo effect). And how it works well for animals and children.

--How Dr. Prather has access to 80,000 different Homeopathic remedies. And the Electrodermal Screening technology he uses to determine the exact remedy each patient needs.

--The dangers of polypharmacy (taking five or more prescription drugs) and why Dr. Prather recommends taking no more than three. And the shocking number of pharmaceuticals prescribed to the average person over 70.

--Why Homeopathy is recommended for children (and pregnant women) as a safe alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals. And the homeopathic remedies Dr. Prather recommends for parents to keep in their medicine cabinet for their children's coughs and fevers.

--How Dr. Prather sees great results in using homeopathy for hormone balance, detoxification, infections, viruses, and histoplasmosis.

--Why homeopathy should be looked to FIRST before antibiotics.

--How homeopathy can also be used to treat patients on an emotional and psychological level for depression and anxiety to bring calmness and relaxation with no side effects.



The holidays are a time of joy and family, but also can be a time of stress. In this episode, discover:

--The physiological definition of stress and how our emotions can take our bodies out of their normal balance.

--That there is an increase in suicides, stress-related hospitalizations, and death around the holidays.

--How the Centers for Disease Control reports 90% of all diseases have an underlying cause of stress, including Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and weight gain around the middle.

--The most common denominator in patients with low back pain and how it relates to their work.

--How men and women react differently to stress, including which sex gets stressed more easily and which sex cannot maintain stress levels as long.

--A quiz about signs of stress and anxiety symptoms that you might have.

--How 80% of the Chiropractic adjustments that Dr. Prather makes are related to stress. And which muscles that Dr. Prather calls his "tension evaluation points".

--How 25% of all pharmaceuticals prescribed are for stress-related issues like depression and anxiety. And the natural alternatives to prescription drugs that Dr. Prather recommends to his patients such as homeopathic and herbal formulas, vitamins, and minerals.

--The technology that allows Dr. Prather to test specifically for the exact natural products to which your body will best respond.

--How Dr. Prather uses Acupuncture to give "immediate relief" to the pain of Pancreatitis.

--How gratitude actually lowers the levels of stress hormones in your body. Plus, how positive emotions can add up to seven years to your life.

--Why you need to learn to breathe properly to shift your body from a fight-flight response to a rest-digest mode. And why Dr. Prather says "the biggest indicator of how long you live" is connected to how deep you breathe.



It's a common problem as 12% of the population has thyroid disease (and 60% of those patients are unaware). Yet, Dr. Prather says less than 1% of us actually have a properly-functioning thyroid. In this episode, we talk about:

--Why the older you are, the likelihood of thyroid issues increases. Plus, how women are more likely to have thyroid disease.

--How Dr. Prather's personal battle as a young man with Graves' Disease (a hyper-functioning thyroid) inspired him to his career.

--The two systems that control the body (Nervous and Endocrine) and why Dr. Prather tells patients those must be fixed first. Plus, why the Thyroid is described as the workhorse of the Endocrine system.

--How Indiana is in the Top 5 states for thyroid problems due to low iodine in our soil.

--How Thyroid affects almost EVERYTHING: hair loss, nail health, weight gain, weight loss, constipation, diarrhea, skin health, heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, brain activity, I.Q., infertility, postpartum depression, menopause.

--Why most doctors misread blood tests and misdiagnose patients as having properly-working thyroids. And the "can't miss" explanation of what reference ranges on blood tests REALLY mean.

--The various diseases of the Thyroid: Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Euthyroid, Graves' Disease, Hashimoto's Disease, Thyroiditis, and Thyroid Cancer.

--The safe and natural thyroid treatment alternatives to the terrible side-effects from surgery or prescription drugs (Including how 80% of those on Synthroid develop depression). Why Dr. Prather says the medical approach to thyroid is not successful. And how Dr. Prather's goal is to actually fix the thyroid so that it no longer needs treatment.

--How 80% of autoimmune disease starts in the gut and why the gut plays a role for thyroid issues caused by autoimmune problems. And the role that food allergies have on the thyroid.

--How Chiropractic and Acupuncture help thyroid function by balancing the nervous system. And how hair analysis can be a key test for thyroid function if there are toxins or an imbalance present.



Most doctors say there is nothing that can be done about Fibromyalgia, making it a very frustrating for patients. But Dr. Prather has a different message. In this episode, you'll learn:

--That Fibromyalgia is misdiagnosed a tremendous amount, both telling patients they have Fibromyalgia (when they don't) and telling patients that they don't have Fibromyalgia (when they do).

--How Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease of the lymphatic system, where a pathogen or toxin has hit the Lymph system.

--How to diagnose Fibromyalgia by "POKING" the patient. And why it is an easy diagnosis for Dr. Prather to make as a Chiropractor, when Medical Doctors have more difficulty.

--How proper diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is critical, especially finding which one of the "thousands" of different possible underlying causes behind it. And the 3 types of diagnostic tests you need to determine that root cause.

--How Dr. Prather says he finds that the root cause of Fibromyalgia is in the gut for the majority of cases.

--Why Chiropractic care to get the nervous system working properly is important for Fibromyalgia patients and can produce "dramatic" results from just getting the body in proper position.

--How Acupuncture (even non-needle options!) benefits Fibromyalgia patients through reduced inflammation and decreased pain levels.

--Why Dr. Prather says Diathermy is one of his favorite ways of getting the Lymphatic system flowing so that the pain "is just gone " after the treatment.

--How Dr. Prather uses Homeopathy to boost the body's immune response to specific infections that cause Fibromyalgia. And why he says that treating Fibromyalgia without Homeopathy is a "disservice" to patients.

--How diet impacts Fibromyalgia patients and why figuring out which foods you are allergic to is important.



It's hard to diagnose tick-borne disease, frustrating both patients and doctors as it mimics other diseases. In this episode, you'll discover:

--Why doctors often roll their eyes when they hear the term Lyme Disease and the controversy over testing for it.

--The astonishing number of tickborne infections that are quickly mutating with new ones that are being discovered every day.

--How tickborne disease can lead to an autoimmune disease. And how Lupus patients are often misdiagnosed when they really have an infection.

--How immune-suppressing drugs are often given that make the problem MUCH worse.

--That Rickettsia infection is far more common in Indiana than Lyme Disease and that they have to be treated differently. And how most patients who say that they have Lyme Disease actually have something else.

--Why dog owners are at a higher risk for such diseases. And why you should not allow your dog to sleep on your bed.

--How Homeopathy can make a huge difference for patients who have exhausted every antibiotic known to man.

--How getting the gut working properly is the key to rebuilding a person's immune system.

--Why Dr. Prather says no one is better at determining how to battle an infection than the body itself...IF it's given the opportunity to do so.

--Why thorough blood tests and a G.I. Effects stool kit are important to effectively battle these kinds of diseases.



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