Who should have the final say on your health?  You, the government, or your doctor?  In this episode, we talk about: —How the World Health Organizatio...View Details

Blue Zones are 5 areas of the world that have a large number of people living active lives over the age of 100.  This week, Dr. Prather talks about th...View Details

We are in the middle of stressful times, where everyone is under stress to the point Dr. Prather can see it in the bloodwork of his patients.  This we...View Details

We kick off the show, as we have for a while now, with the latest COVID-19 update.  Then, Dr. Prather teaches how you can build up your own immune sys...View Details

The Lymph System is the unsung hero of the body, but few of us know much about it. In this episode, you'll find out: --How it was just recently discov...View Details

Dr. Prather opens with a COVID-19 update about how people have doubts about what they are being told by the government about COVID-19.  Then, he talks...View Details

Dr. Prather opens with a COVID-19 update.  Then, he talks about how Aerobic Exercise and External CounterPulsation (ECP) Therapy are the treatments th...View Details

Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update about the door-to-door vaccination visits from the Biden Administration.  Then, Dr. Prather announce...View Details

Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update on how the variant now predominant in Indiana differs in symptoms from previous strains of the virus...View Details


On this very special edition of The Voice Of Health, Holistic Integration's Associate Chiropractor Dr. Clinton Dodge shares his inspiring story about ...View Details

Dr. Prather begins the show with a COVID-19 update that reveals the BIGGEST risk factor for the virus that no one is talking about.  Then, our show fo...View Details

This week, we're joined by Leah Wilson of Stand For Health Freedom to talk about what you can do to defend your family against health mandates that vi...View Details

Experts predict that the summer of 2021 will be a "Tick Bomb".  So this week, Dr. Prather talks about Tick-borne Diseases, such as Lyme Disease and Ri...View Details


COVID-19 Long Haulers are patients who continue to have symptoms past 4-6 weeks.  Dr. Prather says that using a Structure-Function approach to their c...View Details

Dr. Prather opens the show with a bombshell COVID-19 update about the evidence showing the true origins of the virus.  Then, he talks about how there ...View Details

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