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75% of smokers actually want to quit. Dr. Prather says an individualized approach to treatment is important as there are different causes and triggers to each person's addiction. In this episode, find out:

--How only 2% of the modern cigarette is tobacco, while most of the cigarette is CARDBOARD soaked in 70,000 chemicals! Plus, the change that occurs in your brain when you become addicted to cigarettes.

--How Dr. Prather calls Acupuncture "miraculous" in helping to eliminate the shakes and anxiety in those who are quitting smoking.

--That Auriculotherapy (microcurrent stimulation of points on the ear) helps change the brain waves that are associated with any addiction.

--Why Dr. Prather says that CELERY helps with the oral fixation of smoking and the need to do something with your hands.

--How those ALLERGIC to cigarette smoke become addicted to smoking. Plus, how Homeopathy helps those with a craving due to the allergic reaction to cigarette smoke.

--The importance of detoxifying the body of the harmful toxins from cigarettes as you are in the process of quitting.

--How cigarette smoking can trigger low back pain and herniated discs due to the nutritional deficiencies that come with smoking (such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C deficiencies).

--How your body can reverse the damage from years of smoking and why it is NEVER too late to quit to benefit your health.

--That second-hand smoke produces 60-70% of the harm compared to smoking the cigarette yourself. And how children have three times the chance of developing asthma if their parents are smokers.

--Why natural cigarettes made from real tobacco can be a helpful step as someone stops smoking the cigarettes filled with cardboard and chemicals.




6 million Americans suffer from Congestive Heart Failure, which is the #1 reason for hospitalization for those over 65. More people are coming down with Congestive Heart Failure than ever before, costing us $100 billion a year. In this episode, learn:

--The causes and risk factors of Congestive Heart Failure.

--Signs and symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure.

--Why Dr, Prather considers Congestive Heart Failure a disease of rich nations and a lifestyle disease that is "completely unnecessary".

--How certain pharmaceuticals--like cholesterol drugs--can actually kick off Congestive Heart Failure.

--Why disease care can slow down Congestive Heart Failure, but never reverse it. (And why you need Structure/Function health care to reverse Congestive Heart Failure.)

--How Dr. Prather approaches Congestive Heart Failure in his patients.

--Why Dr. Prather says the heart is the "most easily fixed organ in the body with the highest capacity of regenerating itself".

--The machine Dr. Prather uses to help his patients achieve the benefits of aerobic exercise...without the patients actually having to exercise.

--Why patients can have hope to reverse their Congestive Heart Failure even though there aren't any good medical options available.

--The preventive measures to avoid Congestive Heart Failure, and the tests you should have done to diagnose heart health.





Fiber isn't something most would describe as "sweet". But Dr. Prather explains that fiber can have many sweet benefits for our health. In this episode, we talk about:

--How the modern diet has replaced fiber with sugar, resulting in "untold consequences to our health and well-being".

--The experiment a college professor of Dr. Prather's conducted by adding fiber to the diets of the hogs on his farm.

--Why Dr. Prather calls fiber "a magic and missing" ingredient in someone's diet if you want to change their health.

--The amount of fiber Dr. Prather recommends for daily intake (and why he disagrees with the official recommendation amount).

--Which sweeteners Dr. Prather recommends instead of the highly-processed sweeteners that are dangerous to our health.

--How our fiber-sugar ratio is the "quickest, easiest" way to reduce obesity levels.

--Why a digestive system with proper bacteria from fiber can reduce the fat produced by our body by 50%!

--The multitude of health benefits just from increasing your fiber intake. How fiber can help with Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

--The good sources of fiber Dr. Prather recommends (including the kind of bread Dr. Prather buys from Europe).

--Why supplementation of fiber is necessary since it is difficult in modern America to get the fiber intake we need. And how Dr. Prather has found "no one" with proper fiber intake based on the G.I. Effects stool kit.




The liver is the workhorse of the body, which supports every other organ and function of the body. You'll learn:

--How the liver has 500 different chemical functions in the body (impacting your immune system, your blood pressure, your hormones, your digestive system, and type II diabetes).

--Why a sick liver is a major reason for high cholesterol (and why cholesterol medicines can make your liver even more unhealthy).

--How a properly-functioning liver can help women with hot flashes, PMS, and low libido.

--Why Dr. Prather says close to 100% of patients need extra support for their liver.

--How pharmaceuticals (and the chemicals in the foods we eat) damage and add stress to your liver.

--The connection between fatigue, sluggishness, nausea and a congested liver.

--The emotion that the Talmud connects to the liver, and the behavioral changes Dr. Prather sees as a patient's liver becomes healthier.

--The reason why liver detoxification programs usually cause more harm than good, and the more gentle approach Dr. Prather uses for his patients.

--How constipation can produce chemicals that cause cancer and heart disease (and how a healthy liver eliminates constipation).

--Why everyone with a thyroid problem always has an issue with their liver.

--What every cancer patient should know: How a healthy liver can help fight cancer.




High blood pressure is a contributor to cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease. But 95% of those with hypertension have no symptoms and have no idea of the danger they are facing. In this episode, discover:

--What range is considered to be high blood pressure. And which of the numbers (systolic or diastolic) is considered the most important.

--Why high blood pressure kills people and how many deaths per day are attributed to hypertension.

--How high blood pressure statistics differ based on sex and race. Plus, the risk factors for high blood pressure.

--The different kinds of high blood pressure and the treatments for hypertension.

--The problems with medical treatment of high blood pressure, such as the kidneys being worn out by the prescription drugs.

--How 70% of the contribution of hypertension comes from the kidneys. And why the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is a key number to be aware of for hypertension patients.

--How a chiropractic adjustment of the Atlas (the first vertebrae) has been shown to have a greater effect on balancing blood pressure than medication.

--Why acupuncture can oftentimes get someone's high blood pressure down immediately. And which herbals have been shown extremely effective for hypertension by strengthening the kidneys without the negative effects of pharmaceuticals.

--The 40 different Homeopathic options for helping high blood pressure that can be tested and individualized for each patient.

--The "very strong correlation" between vitamins, minerals, and hypertension.




Dr. Prather says it is a myth that cholesterol is the CAUSE of Cardiovascular Disease. High cholesterol is instead a SYMPTOM of Cardiovascular Disease. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How the pharmaceutical companies had the labs change the reference ranges for cholesterol levels when cholesterol medications were developed. And why reference ranges on lab tests are NOT the ideal number Dr. Prather looks for.

--That cholesterol is an essential building material the body uses to help heal damage in the body and is key to hormone production.

--Why the Coronary Risk Factor ratio in your cholesterol number should be more of a focus than the overall cholesterol number.

--How LOW cholesterol can cause fatigue, difficulty thinking, increased risk of cancer, loss of memory, mental confusion, and greater susceptibility to viruses.

--The harmful side effects of statin drugs. And why Type II Diabetics and those with high liver enzymes should NOT take statin drugs.

--How the #1 reason for high cholesterol is a sick liver. And the various underlying causes of high cholesterol: Low thyroid, Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, mineral imbalances, low Vitamin D, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, and chronic pain.

--That Cholesterol is more of a warning instead of the disease process itself. And why Dr. Prather says the key is finding the underlying cause and reason of high cholesterol.

--Why Cancer patients need to keep their cholesterol levels HIGH. And why cholesterol drugs can actually increase your chance of Cancer.

--How to regulate your cholesterol through diet by eating what Dr. Prather calls "real" food and by shopping only on the outside aisles of the grocery store.

--Why you should have a goal to get off of statin drugs as soon as possible. Plus, the increased nutritional needs of your body when you are on statin drugs.




Too many patients and health care professionals believe that antibiotics solve almost anything and are a cure-all. Unfortunately, that belief has led to a health care crisis where antibiotics are overused when there are more appropriate and more effective alternatives. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Dr. Prather calls antibiotics "a precious resource that we are destroying" by over-prescribing. And why he says we should respect antibiotics more to make sure the next generation still has them.

--That, in 2010, there were 258 million antibiotic courses ordered out of 309 million people. (That's 833 antibiotics for every 1000 people!)

--That the Centers for Disease Control has a goal to reduce antibiotic use by one-third and want to make it easier for doctors to tell the patients "No" when it comes to antibiotic prescriptions.

--Why children are three to six times MORE likely to get infections if they wrongly receive antibiotics.

--How Homeopathy was effective in fighting Cholera epidemics. And why Homeopathy can get faster results than an antibiotic in relief of symptoms.

--How herbal medications were the most effective remedy when the SARS outbreak occurred in China. And the herbals you should always have in your medicine cabinet (especially for parents with young children who are looking for a safe and gentle option).

--How Vitamins and Minerals fight infections. For example, Vitamin C along with an antibiotic makes the antibiotic 50% more effective.

--Why Chiropractic adjustments help fight infections.

--How 85% of Cancer patient complaints are resolved if the patients are undergoing Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments at the same time.

--How Antibiotics actually destroy the good bacteria in the gut and why Probiotics are necessary for anyone on Antibiotics.




Some people have a negative view of Chiropractic care without realizing WHY they have a negative opinion. In this episode, we talk about:

--Why the perception of Chiropractic being unsafe and unscientific was the result of a conspiracy on the part of the American Medical Association that was proven in a landmark Supreme Court case.

--How insurance companies prove the safety of Chiropractic by offering Chiropractors the lowest malpractice rates of any health care professional. And how low malpractice rates surprisingly result in a lower reimbursement rate for Chiropractors.

--The variety of techniques in the Chiropractic profession (over 700!) and the gentle, non-force adjusting techniques Dr. Prather uses in his practice.

--The most common mobilization technique in Chiropractic that makes the "cracking and popping sounds". Plus, why Dr. Prather doesn't use that technique.

--Which health conditions require specialized Chiropractic adjusting techniques, including Osteoporosis and post-surgery.

--How the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment of the top vertebrae is a specialty of Dr. Prather, who is the only board-certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana.

--How the study connecting strokes to Chiropractic adjustment was composed entirely of cases where the adjustments were made by people who weren't even Chiropractors!

--Why going to your hairdresser to get your hair washed is a higher risk than getting a Chiropractic neck adjustment.

--Why even post-surgical Scoliosis patients with a rod in their back can get relief from a safe, gentle, reflex adjustment technique.

--The benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for patients who have had knee and hip replacements.




Auriculotherapy is a safe treatment that uses micro-current electrical stimulation on the ear to make changes throughout the body. In this episode, learn:

--Why Dr. Prather calls Auriculotherapy "one of the most powerful therapies we do".

--How Auriculotherapy "rewires the central computer (the brain)” using the ear as the conduit to your brain.

--Why it is called "the most proven therapy in the entire world".

--How Auriculotherapy is especially helpful in chronic pain patients.

--The life-changing story of a fibromyalgia patient who, after years of suffering, eliminated three different pain medications after just one week of treatment.

--Why Auriculotherapy provides amazing changes for patients who have tried everything else, had nothing work, and have no hope.

--The remarkable way that the ear is a perfect representation of the entire body, and how you can affect anything and everything in the body by working on the ear.

--How Auriculotherapy helps with addictions (food, drugs, smoking), anxiety, insomnia, learning disorders, emotional issues, PTSD, and phantom limb pain.

--How children with ADD/ADHD are transformed through this therapy (and without drugs).

--Why Dr. Prather believes Auriculotherapy is one of the major futures of health care in providing natural pain relief instead of dangerous, addictive prescription drugs.




Around 80% of women and 20% of men are shown to be low in iron. Everyone should have their iron checked at least once per year. In this episode, find out:

--The amazing story about how an iron supplementation program helped a girls cross country team qualify for State, improve academic performance, and even be better behaved with their parents.

--How eating ice or chewing on pencils can indicate low iron. And the connection between iron deficiency and pregnancy cravings (even a craving to eat dirt!).

--Emotional and behavioral issues that result from low iron, and the connection between low iron and A.D.D. (especially in girls).

--The symptoms of iron deficiency and how low iron is too often missed by medical professionals.

--How iron levels in pregnant women impact the I.Q. of their child.

--The foods that are highest in iron (and the food Dr. Prather recommends especially for vegetarians and vegans).

--The particular iron level that MUST be checked...which most doctors don't bother to test.

--Why Anemia IS a big deal and how it can reduce the length and quality of your life.

--How iron toxicity is a very serious problem, especially among older men, and why it increases your chance of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a FALSE diabetes diagnosis.

--The cases where iron toxicity was misdiagnosed as ALS or Parkinson's Disease.




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