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The Voice of Health series on weight loss continues with a focus on how the thyroid is the key to your metabolism, which is how quickly you burn calories. In this episode, discover:

--Why Dr. Prather believes it is a "waste of time" to try and lose weight if your thyroid is not working properly.

--The high number of patients that have thyroid problems in Dr. Prather's clinical experience, and why Indiana is one of the unhealthiest thyroid states.

--How the thyroid is actually the key to staying young.

--The reason why thyroid prescription medications can sometimes result in your thyroid still not working properly (and the holistic approach Dr. Prather takes with his patients with over 40 different medicine options for an individual treatment approach.)

--How Dr. Prather is able to correctly diagnose thyroid issues in patients whose doctors have told them they do not have a thyroid problem.

--The impact of your diet on the thyroid, and why certain weight loss programs will prevent you from losing weight because they cause thyroid problems.

--The connection between behavioral problems (ADD, ADHD) in children and thyroid dysfunction.

--Dr. Prather's own personal story about how a specific chiropractic adjustment (Atlas Orthogonal) helped get his Graves' Disease under control.

--The positive results from acupuncture to improve results in thyroid patients.

--Everyone should have a thyroid check annually--even children.

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