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Trigger Points are a common problem of pain that too often goes undiagnosed. In this eye-opening episode, discover:

--How you can have referred pain due to a Trigger Point far away from the pain.

--That Tigger Points can be the cause of severe, unexplained pain such as headaches, jaw pain, chest pain, eye pain, foot pain, tooth pain, and sciatica.

--Why Trigger Points can be confusing for doctors and are undiagnosed.

--The historical connection between Trigger Point research and the physical therapist who helped JFK with his severe back pain.

--How Trigger Points are found and effectively treated in patients who have been put on high levels of pain medications, anxiety drugs, and anti-depressants due to the previously undiagnosed cause of their pain.

--Why insurance companies love Trigger Point Therapy. (Hint: Compare unnecessary surgery costs versus the 8 visits in which patients receive full relief through Trigger Point Therapy.)

--How stress kicks off Trigger Points and how Trigger Points affect your posture and breathing.

--What to expect from Trigger Point therapy.

--Why it is important to "rewire" the brain to change muscle memory and retrain the body after suffering from Trigger Points.

--How everyone with TMJ has Trigger Points.

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