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Almost 5 million people suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In this episode, learn:

--The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.

--How to diagnose Carpal Tunnel (and the common diagnostic error many doctors make).

--The surprising underlying health causes of Carpal Tunnel (not just repetitive motion injuries).

--Why so many surgeries fail to produce results.

--How Dr. Prather has "NEVER", in almost 30 years of practice, has had to refer a patient for Carpal Tunnel surgery.

--Why Dr. Prather says the most difficult Carpal Tunnel cases he sees are in patients who have already had Carpal Tunnel surgery.

--The treatments for Carpal Tunnel (including the natural anti-inflammatories that work "better and quicker" than pharmaceuticals and without the side effects).

--The reason why a neck adjustment can sometimes give immediate relief to Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

--The treatment that patients want to put on their Christmas list!

--The vitamin that Dr. Prather says is "THE most effective treatment for Carpal Tunnel", with the highest success rate of any treatment.


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