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This week, Dr. Prather uses his almost 30 years of being involved with Homeopathic Medicine to talk about its history and how it is a safe, effective option for your health. You'll learn:

--How during the devestating 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, homeopathic hospitals had a death rate of around 10% while the medical hospitals had a death rate around 90%.

--That modern medicine would not exist without homeopathy (nitroglycerin, vaccines, allergy shots, drug trials).

--What is the Law of Similars that is the basis of homeopathy.

--How the war on homeopathy by the American Medical Association led to the formation of the Food & Drug Administration.

--How Dr. Prather uses Electro-Dermal Screening to determine which homeopathic medicine (out of 80,000 options) will work best for his patients.

--Why homeopathy is the safest, least invasive treatment to start with for any ailment (and why it is especially safe for children and pregnant women who could be harmed by prescription drugs).

--How homeopathy is effective when there aren't any medical options (drug-resistant infections, viruses, histoplasmosis).

--The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in avoiding overuse of antibiotics, and why Dr. Prather recommends it to help patients avoid being on more than 3 prescription drugs at once.

--That homeopathy helps balance brain chemistry for emotional support as a non-drug solution in dealing with anxiety and depression.

--Dr. Prather's "80-20” rule for your health care to help your body heal itself.


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