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Dr. Prather shares a weight loss program that helped him lose 24 pounds in 2 weeks. Obesity is considered the biggest health concern in America at this time. In this episode, you'll learn:

--The Body Composition Analysis test to determine your fat percentage. And why Body Mass Index is not a good measure.

--Why the French aren't as fat as Americans even though they consume more calories.

--The HCG Diet Plan that allows the body to utilize a higher percentage of fat for energy and specifically targets weight around the gut.

--The misinformation you should be aware of online about the HCG diet and why you should NEVER do the HCG diet without a doctor to oversee it.

--How the HCG diet increases a woman's chance of getting pregnant.

--Why balancing out your hormones and endocrine system is key for weight loss, especially for those who have tried everything and found no results.

--The importance of detoxification before you begin a weight loss program to avoid feeling sick.

--The vitamin injections Dr. Prather offers for patients to help the liver to work better and avoid a toxic feeling through the weight loss.

--Why you cannot lose weight if you are eating foods you are allergic to (without realizing you are even allergic to it).

--Why a combination of aerobic and resistance exercise provides the best results.


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