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In this episode, take a radio tour of Meridian Health & Wellness. Learn...

--How the Structure/Function health model differs from the Disease Care model (and how to properly integrate them).

--The percentage of your health care that should be in the Structure/Function model and the percentage that should rely upon the Disease Care model.

--The health care model that research has shown to increase the state of the patient's well-being, while cutting costs by 40% and medical lawsuits by 80%. (And why Dr. Prather believes this is the solution to our health care crisis.)

--Why Dr. Prather says the Structure/Function model his office uses is “diagnostic-based” and not “symptom-based”. (And why this approach takes more commitment and patience to achieve results.)

--The importance of proper diagnostics and getting to the root cause of a patient's symptoms.

--What to expect at your first appointment.

--Why getting your nervous system balanced is one of the most important things you can do for your health. (And why it is a first place to begin in a patient's health and well-being.)

--The 8 Pillars of Perfect Health that form the foundation of Dr. Prather's practice.

--The Trigger Point Injection Therapy that has helped to immediately release muscle spasms patients have dealt with for years.

--The various treatments available at Meridian Health & Wellness that make it the most comprehensive wellness center in the Midwest.

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