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Dr. Prather unveils three new services at his office--the Healthy Habits natural weight loss program, decompression therapy, and the latest imaging technology. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why the health care model of Meridian and Wellness is unique by being an integrated office that covers everything from A to Z.

--How the natural weight loss program has a success rate of approximately 90%!

--Why your hormones determine what your weight will be (and how Dr. Prather works with patients to get their hormones in proper balance).

--The all-natural injection of concentrated vitamins and minerals that helps burn fat and makes you feel more energetic through the taxing process of losing weight.

--The body composition analysis to determine if you are drinking enough water and that you are losing fat, not muscle.

--How the decompression therapy relieves joint pressure, reverses joint deterioration, and increases range of motion. (Especially helpful for disc herniation and degeneration.)

--Why decompression therapy is a well-proven treatment to relive pain in the short-term and reverse degeneration associated with aging in the long-term.

--The remarkable accuracy and clarity of the new imaging system Dr. Prather uses for his patients and how the quality of this latest technology beats that of major hospitals.

--Why Dr. Prather's philosophy is a little different compared to most chiropractors, without the snapping and popping because he adjusts WITHIN the range of motion.

--What new patients can expect when they visit Meridian Health & Wellness (and why the initial consultation and diagnostics to determine the underlying cause of the patient's health is so important).


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