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1-in-13 people in the U.S. have Asthma, which is a problem that is unfortunately growing. In this episode, we talk about:

--The causes of Ashtma, both genetic and environmental. And why cockroaches are one of the biggest contributors to Asthma.

--Why Dr. Prather describes Asthma as "more of a symptom and less of a disease". And why individualized treatment for Asthma patients is important.

--Why the combination of treatments is a key reason for Dr. Prather's success rate in treating Asthma, especially for patients who had poor success with pharmaceutical options and conventional treatments.

--Why allergy testing is critically important for those with Asthma. And why Dr. Prather says he's surprised at how few Asthma patients have had the necessary allergy tests.

--The effectiveness of Homeopathic treatments for Asthma and how Allergy shots are based on Homeopathy.

--The "very strong correlation" between nutrition and Asthma. Plus, the Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbal remedies proven effective in relieving Asthma.

--Why patients should seek additional Structure/Function Health Care solutions in addition to their pharmaceutical program to properly manage their Asthma.

--How Dr. Prather sees "dramatic changes" in Asthma patients through Chiropractic adjustments. And how the World Health Organization lists Acupuncture as helpful for Asthma.

--Why Dr. Prather says that there needs to be a WRITTEN plan for every Asthma patient.

--How low Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach is a key precursor to Asthma and increased Allergies.


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