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2.8 million older people are treated in emergency rooms every year due to falls, causing $31 billion in annual medical costs. But there are steps you can take to prevent falls as you age. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How only half of all older people report their fall to anyone and only 25% even tell their doctor about it. And that falls are the most common cause for Traumatic Brain Injury and most people die within two years of hip injuries.

--Why those on blood thinners need to go to their doctor IMMEDIATELY after a fall.

--The conditions that make falls more likely, including Vitamin D or B-12 deficiencies that can cause vertigo. And why Dr. Prather says falls are usually an indication that something is wrong, not "just a fall".

--That Postural Hypotension is when you feel unsteady or dizzy when you stand up. And the symptoms to look for with Postural Hypotension.

--How Aluminum Toxicity from Anti-Perspirants can cause falls, neurological symptoms, and even Osteoporosis. And how Aluminum Toxicity can even be mistaken for Dementia and Alzheimer's.

--How low Adrenals are common among older people. And why Dr. Prather has said to many patients, "If I had adrenal function like you, I'd be falling over too!"

--That 70% of all medications can be a cause of falls. And why your cholesterol-lowering statin drug may contribute to falls.

--Why The Prather Practice is "uniquely positioned" to help their patients avoid falls due to their non-pharmaceutical approach, extensive lab tests, and help with postural issues that lead to falls.

--How TMJ can cause vertigo, inner ear issues, and falls.

--How Kinesthetic awareness (where you are in time and space) is one of the main issues for age-related illness. Plus, how Tai Chi classes at The Prather Practice is one of the most effective means of preventing falls and maintaining youth.


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