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We're joined this week by Art Adams who brings his counseling skills to The Prather Practice". In this episode, you'll discover:

--That unhealthy additions can include tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, relationships, or food (includes over-eating and under-eating such as bulimia and anorexia).

--How lifestyle develops. Do we learn behaviors by imitation or by genetic tendencies?

--The A.N.T. Problem (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and how it impacts your lifestyle.

--How our body responds to stored behaviors in our brains.

--Why our behaviors can re-wire our brains and affect the way we think.

--How to get past the "unfinished business" (like traumas) in our lives so that the bad does not have to define us.

--The reason why people gain weight back after losing it (yo-yo dieting).

--How to use replacement therapy to deal with triggers and cravings for addictive behavior.

--Until the pain of the addiction or compulsion becomes greater than the pleasure of the compulsion, we will stay in that compulsion.

--Why Dr. Prather believes integrating counseling services into his office is key to a holistic health practice.


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