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Chronic Pain

160 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which is an under-treated and poorly-treated condition. In this episode, find out:

--About the major study about how chronic pain is treated that was like a "nuclear bomb" within the health care community.

--How the medical community is poorly-trained when it comes to chronic pain.

--The dangers of pain medications and the alarming increase in pain prescriptions (and addictions) in recent years.

--Why chronic pain is a disease process in and of itself, and why that is a revolutionary thought.

--The non-pharmaceutical pain treatment options Dr. Prather offers to his own patients. (Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Homeopathics, Herbals, Electrical Stimulation, Physical Therapy, Diathermy, Ultrasound, and Auricular Therapy.)

--The "100% effective" treatments for migraine patients (often getting complete relief before they leave the doctor's office).

--How Dr. Prather has been able to help cancer patients become completely pain-free when even morphine no longer is effective.

--The patient who had gone to 14 different doctors for chronic pain and who ultimately found relief after Dr. Prather diagnosed Aluminum Toxicity,

--Why Adderall should not be taken lightly, and the dangers it poses to young people.

--The risks in overprescribing antibiotics that causes them to lose their effectiveness.


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