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We live in a toxic world. 80-90% of people walking into Dr. Prather's office have a congested liver. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How your breathing is the biggest indicator of how long you will live.

--Why Dr. Prather promotes a GENTLE detox instead of the harsher detoxification programs most people use (which can cause unnecessary harm to the body).

--The connection between the toxicity of your cells and how fast you age. (And the relationship between kidney function and longevity.)

--Why keeping the lymphatic system clear reduces your chances of fibromyalgia (which is always linked to a need for detoxification).

--How Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinsons are related to nervous system toxicity.

--How detoxification is a part of the treatment plan for every one of Dr. Prather's patients.

--Why good water is important for proper detoxification (and what constitutes "good" water).

--How the liver must be functioning properly BEFORE you start a detox to avoid overwhelming it. (And the "cheat" Dr. Prather uses to get his patients' livers functioning properly.)

--Why homeopathy is the gentlest form of detoxification.

--The importance of detoxification in fighting cancer. (And how the health of the lymphatic system determines the chances of whether a woman will develop breast cancer.)


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