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90% of Americans are considered "dietary deficient", with 60% of Cancers being attributed to poor diet. In this episode, we talk about:

--The disastrous results of a January 2016 government study on the nutritional health of Americans.

--How you have a 50% greater chance of survival when undergoing Cancer treatments if you are nutritionally healthy.

--The groups most at-risk for being nutritionally deficient, such as pregnant women, the elderly, the obese, and even athletes.

--The increased chance of birth defects and Autism if a pregnant mother is nutritionally deficient. Plus, how low Iodine in pregnant women will lead to lower IQ in the baby.

--How the aging process is slowed with proper nutrition as many of the effects of the aging process are actually nutritional deficiencies.

--How correcting nutritional deficiencies in an obese person makes it easier for them to lose weight.

--The proper balance between vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein in an ideal diet. Plus, why the gut bacteria from fermented foods is very important to your nutritional needs.

--How the nutritional quality of our food has diminished over the years. And why everyone needs nutritional supplementation (or "concentrated food"), even with the best diet habits.

--The SHOCKING statistics on the source of Americans' calories. Hint: Veggies and fruits didn't even make the Top 20 on the list!

--Why proper lab tests and diagnostics are the key to your overall and nutritional health. And how the Structure/Function model of health care that Dr. Prather practices looks at bloodwork differently than the Disease Care model.


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