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There are several dangerous viruses in the news lately. Dr. Prather tells you how to protect yourself and your family. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The symptoms of Ebola and how Ebola attacks the walls of your cells.

--What your chances are for getting Ebola, and why Dr. Prather says getting the flu is a greater risk for you.

--How a healthy immune system will help boost your odds to fight off any virus or bacteria you might contract.

--How children are at a greater risk for the Enterovirus D68 virus.

--The Structure/Function Health Care approach Dr. Prather uses to fight viruses for his own patients. (And the relationship between cholesterol and the strength of your cell walls to combat viruses.)

--The shocking number of times someone should take an antibiotic in their lifetime according to the inventor of antibiotics. And why we need a health care system with LESS reliance on antibiotics.

--The diagnostics you and your family should have done to protect your immune system (and why Dr. Prather says 80% of people have a compromised immune system).

--The "Too Late" model of health care that is the most ineffective and most expensive way of treating our health.

--The alternatives to antibiotics that boost your immune system (vitamins, herbs, minerals, homeopathics).

--How a hair analysis can reveal the strength (or weakness) of your body's immune system.


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