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There isn't any part of your body that doesn't work better as a result of exercise. In this episode, find out:

--How your risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, Dementia, and Alzheimer's are reduced as a result of exercise.

--The percentage of Americans who receive the MINIMAL amount of recommended exercise each week.

--How it's "worthless" to try and teach children if physical activity is not included in their schedule.

--Why New Yorkers have higher fitness levels than the rest of the country.

--The astonishing percentage of those with a gym membership who NEVER use it!

--Why you need to design an exercise program with a set schedule that you can stick with consistently.

--How just walking for 30 minutes a day and doing resistance exercise for 20 minutes twice a week can transform your health.

--The 5 components of exercise that we all need.

--How Dr. Prather can duplicate five years of marathon training for your heart in just seven weeks with External CounterPulsation (ECP) Therapy, which is especially helpful for patients with cardiovascular disease who cannot exercise.

--The biggest indicator of how old you are, and why it's the reason older people fall. (And the best exercise for this.)


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