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Attitude has a huge impact on our health and well-being. Dr. Prather includes it as one of his 8 Pillars of Perfect Health. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The surprising studies that show most of what we see and hear is not based on reality, but is created in our brains.

--How our attitude can change our physiology and even be reflected in our bloodwork.

--The scientific studies that show how even the crystal structure of water can be changed by the words we use.

--Why Dr. Prather believes there is a problem of negativity in the medical community that helps create and perpetuate disease (and the alternative model that restores hope).

--How Structure/Function care centers around the body healing itself, where the body is the hero.

--The proven and direct link between our immune system and our attitude (and our hormones and our emotions).

--Alternatives to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety prescription drugs.

--How an imbalance in your Copper/Zinc ratio can cause emotional turmoil, including suicidal thoughts.

--The immediate changes Acupuncture brings for relaxation and combating insomnia.

--Why Dr. Prather says 80% of people are stuck in the "fight-flight" mode and the dangers it poses to our immune system and overall health.


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