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Death and complications are real risks from surgery, so a non-invasive alternative should always be explored first. In this episode, you'll learn:

--That you have a 30% chance of getting a neck or low back surgery if you go to a surgeon first. If you first see a Chiropractor for the same injury, only 2% of patients end up in surgery.

--How those who have neck surgery would have had better results five years later if they had not had surgery at all.

--The surprising numbers of deaths from anesthesia and why independent studies show those numbers are GROSSLY underreported. And the shocking numbers of knee replacement surgery patients who suffer from blood clots.

--The perverse financial incentives of our health care system: the more dangerous a medical procedure is, the higher the reimbursement by insurance companies.

--The recent INCREASE in infections from surgery as antibiotics are losing their effectiveness from overuse.

--Why you should always seek a second opinion from a "Structure/Function Care doctor" before you go forward with surgery.

--The integrated model of health care that Dr. Prather practices in his office to combine the Structure/Function Health Care and Disease Care for best patient results.

--The preparations you should make if surgery is truly unavoidable.

--The post-surgical strategies that you should follow for best results.

--How The Prather Practice helped Charlie to avoid surgery on his wrist and ride his motorcycle again.


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