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Dr. Prather says that the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustment is the #1 treatment he does in his office to make the biggest change in someone's health. And 80% of us need it. In this episode, we talk about:

--How this treatment changed Dr. Prather's life as a young man when he battled Graves' Disease and thyroid issues.

--That the Atlas (the top vertebra) is the most important Chiropractic adjustment and also the most difficult adjustment to make.

--The two areas of the body Dr. Prather says that MUST be balanced out first in order for someone to achieve better health.

--The IMMEDIATE and dramatic results patients see from the treatment.

--How Dr. Prather is the only board certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana and how people come from all over to receive this treatment.

--How the adjustment itself only takes a couple of seconds, but Dr. Prather can sometimes spend an hour analyzing how to set up the precise adjustment.

--Why patients often complain of pain in other areas, such as low back, when they really need their Atlas adjusted. And how the Atlas adjustment is "the key" to holding all other Chiropractic adjustments in the body.

--Why Dr. Prather says this adjustment makes everything else he does in his comprehensive wellness center work better.

--How the control center of every organ center in the body is in the upper cervical spine area.

--Why every patient with Multiple Sclerosis should have an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment.

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