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Hypertension is the #1 diagnosis that people receive when they go to the doctor. 90% of us will have a diagnosis of hypertension during our lives, including 1-in-4 middle-aged adults. You'll discover:

--The damage hypertension causes to our cardiovascular health.

--Why it's important to understand the underlying cause of hypertension. (And why prescription medications do NOT change the outcome of hypertension cases.)

--The #1 cause of hypertension in 70% of cases (and how your prescription could make this issue even WORSE.)

--The side effects of blood pressure medicines, and why Dr. Prather is “almost always” able to get his patients off of their prescriptions.

--The non-prescription treatments for hypertension such as nutritional supplementation, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture.

--The chiropractic adjustment that studies have shown to be more effective than prescriptions in lowering blood pressure.

--Why "detective work" is necessary to determine the underlying cause of hypertension, and the diagnostics you should have done.

--The role of the gut and food allergies in hypertension (particularly for patients who had no results from other treatment).

--The successful smoking cessation program Dr. Prather recommends for patients.

--The great results patients see from a "permanent weight loss program" called Healthy Habits and why MALNUTRITION is the real cause of obesity.


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