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This week, we're joined by Brian Banister of The Prather Practice (Dietetic Technician, Registered) who formerly worked for the Denver Broncos as a Chef Nutritionist (where he fed Peyton Manning!). In this episode, discover:

--Why everyone needs a Nutrition Consult to evaluate their diet and how it impacts their health. And why an INDIVIDUAL approach to each patient is important for proper recommendations.

--How lab-work and a tool called Electrodermal Screening (EDS) help patients find the EXACT supplements that work best for them.

--Why a weekly menu and recipes are included in a Nutritional Consult at The Prather Practice. And how an Anthropometric Analysis helps you target your ideal weight.

--Why you especially need a Nutritional Consult if you are Diabetic, if you are Overweight, if you are an Underweight Cancer patient, or if you have a family history of Hypertension or Kidney Disease.

--The HCG "fast track" diet in The Prather Plan Weight Loss Program for patients who want to lose large amounts of weight in a quick and healthy manner.

--How elevated Cortisol levels from stress are directly related to increased fatty tissue.

--Why supplementation is almost ALWAYS needed, even for those who are eating healthy.

--That dehydration is a problem for most people and how much water we SHOULD be drinking. And why sodas and caffeine have a dehydrating effect on the body.

--How following a Gluten-Free Diet when you don't have a Gluten allergy can actually deprive you of B-Vitamins. How the low-carb Atkins Diet can cause your body to go ketogenic and lead to muscle-wasting. And how the Paleo Diet is a "clean" diet because it cuts out packaged and processed foods.

--The ALCAT Food allergy test at The Prather Practice to determine if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.


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