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October is National Chiropractic Health Month. In this episode, find out:

--The history and founding of chiropractic.

--Why Dr. Prather describes Chiropractic as "healing from the inside out."

--The change that occurred in our health care system and medical schools a century ago (and the political corruption that was behind it).

--The relationship Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had with Chiropracfic.

--The connection between the Rockefeller family's oil interests and the advent of the pharmaceutical industry.

--How Eli Lilly began as an herbal and homeopathic company before Rockefeller convinced them to join petrochemical based medicine.

--The attacks on the chiropractic profession over the years that even saw chiropractors (like Dr. Prather's grandfather) being jailed.

--The changes in attitude towards the chiropractic profession and Dr. Prather's vision on where chiropractic and health care should be going in the future.

--The two systems of your body that you MUST have working properly to have maximum health.


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