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We're continuing our series on The 8 Pillars Of Perfect Health. This week, we focus on the importance of nutrition and the need for proper supplementation. In this episode, learn: 

--Why the food we eat is not as nutritional as it used to be and how that is connected with our soil. And the shocking percentage difference in nutritional value between organic and non-organic foods.
--Why Dr. Prather says it is "few and far between" to find a patient who does NOT need additional supplementation (including children). 
--How Iron Deficiency can cause symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (especially in girls) and the connection between High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and Arginine Deficiency. 
--That every pharmaceutical causes a nutritional deficiency. And how anti-cholesterol statin drugs cause a deficiency in CoQ10...which then causes additional heart problems! 
--How Diabetes is "almost purely" a nutritional issue. And why Cancer and Obesity can be greatly reduced with the addition of more fiber in the American diet. 
--Why you need help in determining the correct supplementation your body needs instead of just randomly picking out supplements at the heath food store. And why a Multi-Vitamin can be a PROBLEM for some people. 
--How Migraines and easy bruising in women can be caused by Copper deficiencies from birth control pills (a deficiency that can lead to strokes and aneurysms). 
--Why Chemotherapy and Radiation patients ALWAYS need additional nutritional supplementation. And how AT LEAST 60% of Cancers are related to diet. 
--How boosting Hydrochloric Acid eliminated sinus problems, fatigue, and allergies in patients. And the best way to reduce Cholesterol through fatty acids and the proper proteins. 
 --Why breakfast should be the largest meal of your day and dinner your smallest meal of your day. Plus, why our table salt is wrong for us and the sea salt that we should be using. (And how sea salt is even prescribed to lower blood pressure!) 
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