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We're continuing our series on weight loss. This week, we focus on the obstacles we encounter in losing weight. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why your body's resistance to change is the biggest obstacle to weight loss.

--How to get your body to reset your "set point" for weight that it will maintain, which usually has a 95% failure rate on most diets.

--That your body's fat percentage is more important than weight loss, which could include loss of muscle.

--Why "skinny fat" can increase your chances of cancer.

--How your hormones regulate your metabolism and why your hormones must be "tricked" to trigger weight loss, such as through the HCG Diet.

--Why an imbalanced thyroid can prevent weight loss, and how correcting the thyroid imbalance can trigger weight loss before a patient even begins a weight loss program.

--How your Metabolic Rate determines how fast your body burns fat and how energetic you feel.

--The role "gut health" plays in losing weight and how it can unlock the mystery of why certain patients can't lose weight.

--The Diathermy treatment that provides immediate relief for a toxic liver.

--The role Chiropractic Adjustments and Auricular Therapy play in getting your body converted to a state that burns fat and gains muscle.


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