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If you were perfectly oxygenated, you would look like you were 21 for the rest of your life. If you want to look young, live long, and be healthy, then breathe deep! In this episode, we'll talk about:

--How deeply you breathe is a key indicator of your biological (not chronological) age and is a more important indicator of a person's longevity than even genetics or any other lifestyle habit.

--The Spirometry test that reveals your lung function.

--How Oxygenation affects Cancer. And why Anemia (which cuts down on your Oxygenation) decreases a Cancer patient's chance of survival.

--Why Anemia IS a big deal and how Dr. Prather has a stricter standard for Anemia than the traditional medical model. (Plus, those at greatest risk for Anemia: Pregnant women, young girls just starting their periods, and elderly people.)

--How children (especially young girls) diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder are often Anemic, which duplicates symptoms of ADD.

--How Oxygenation affects Cardiovascular Disease, and how the Heart has the biggest demand for Oxygen of any organ in the body.

--The aerobic exercise machine (External Counterpulsation Therapy or ECP) Dr. Prather uses to increase oxygen to the Heart for his patients. And how it duplicates five years of marathon training for the Heart in just seven weeks!

--Why snoring (and sleep apnea) is an indicator that you are low on Oxygen. And how increasing your body's Oxygenation can solve your snoring problem by getting to the root cause instead of just treating the symptoms with a CPAP machine.

--The lab tests Dr. Prather uses to reveal a patient's Oxygenation levels, including the Cardiassess test that measures the oxygenation of the heart.

--The role of Oxygen in feeling and staying young. And why Dr. Prather says you are never too old to take advantage of the body's incredible ability to regenerate.


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