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Mom always told us to sit up straight. Poor posture can actually be the cause and the indicator of serious health issues. In this episode, find out:

--How posture can determine disease and disease can determine posture (and why Dr. Prather says the connection between posture and health is "under-taught and under-utilized" in America's health care system).

--How Dr. Prather can determine health problems just by looking at a patient's posture.

--Which job will give you a 60% greater chance of colon cancer because of posture issues.

--How you can improve lung function, high blood pressure, EKG readings, and IQ & cognitive ability (even reverse dementia) by changing the posture.

--What is proper posture and why 60% of patients have poor posture that really impacts their health.

--What Dr. Prather considers to have the "biggest effect on a person's health over anything else" and why 80% of his patients need this treatment in an area that controls all functions of the body.

--Why the way children sit in schools actually PREVENTS learning (especially for boys).

--How posture affects athletic performance (and the trait that 80% of sprinters--and only 20% of the population--have).

--How the way you breathe impacts your posture.

--The impact of posture in determining your biological age.


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