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We're continuing our series on The 8 Pillars Of Perfect Health. Dr. Prather estimates 75% of patients as having fatigue and in need of "recharging our body's batteries". In this episode, find out:

--That there are 5 sub-categories of rest: sleep, hormones, meditation, internal exercises, and sex.

--How delusions, depression, and dropping immune system are all problems associated with lack of sleep.

--How Dr. Prather measures the "phase angle" with a Body Composition Analysis to measure how charged up the body's batteries are.

--Why our body's circadian rhythm is important for our sleep patterns. And how traveling through time zones or working nights can negatively impact your ability to sleep properly.

--How our hormones are disturbed by lack of sleep (and vice versa).

--Why bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can cause an increase in Cancer...and the natural alternative approach Dr. Prather recommends by rebuilding the endocrine gland itself.

--That 70% of those on Thyroid medication suffer from depression and are in need of additional supplementation.

--How meditation changes hormone and stress levels, while increasing the electrical charge of the body.

--Why internal exercises (such as Tai Chi) can help rejuvenate people and extend life.

--How sex is a way to rejuvenate the body and balance out your endocrine system. And how there are actually different positions and methods to treat specific diseases.


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