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About 25% of men in every age group have low testosterone. Testosterone levels are tied to your motivation in life, along with your overall health and vitality. In this episode, you'll discover:

--How low testosterone in WOMEN can cause problems as well.

--The symptoms of low Testosterone (low libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased cognitive abilities, fatigue, loss of muscle, weight gain, irritability, and depression).

--How low Testosterone causes a greater risk of Prostate Cancer, Osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes, weight gain, Alzheimer's, and Dementia.

--Why Dr. Prather says you don't have to experience the effects of aging if you keep up your testosterone levels, which will add to your longevity and how young you feel.

--How insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and medications (even over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen) can lower testosterone.

--The role of testosterone shots in treating low testosterone. And how Dr. Prather then focuses on getting the body to naturally produce the testosterone it needs without the shots.

--How there has been a 460% increase in testosterone treatment in the last two years, creating a $2.1 billion a year industry. And the dangers of ordering products over the Internet without a doctor's supervision.

--The difference in approaching your natural libido through increased testosterone levels versus drugs like Viagra and Cialis.

--How anything over 25% body fat percentage will lower testosterone. And the recommended lifestyle changes for those with low testosterone.

--The role of hydration in testosterone levels and why you need chemical-free water. Plus, how sleep apnea can lower testosterone levels.


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