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Cancer is the #2 cause of death in America. And prevention is the best cure for cancer. In this episode, discover:

--Why liver function is important in fighting cancer and how you can test it.

--The importance of your body being properly oxygenated (and how oxygen kills cancer cells).

--The impact of anemia on getting cancer and its impact on cancer survival rates.

--How proper pH can cause cancer cells to explode! (And how minerals control pH.)

--The five factors that must be present for cancer to exist.

--Why proper blood-work is too often overlooked and why it is important in combating cancer.

--The surprising percentage of all cancers that are caused by lifestyle.

--The amazing story of how a colon removal surgery for a colon cancer patient was CANCELLED after the patient was treated by Dr. Prather for only three weeks.

--How chiropractic care and acupuncture reduce complaints of patients undergoing cancer treatments by 80%.

--The diet that Dr. Prather recommends for cancer patients and how it boosts your immune system.


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