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 Television host Dr. Oz has been in the news lately as critics have attacked him for his television and radio advice. As a doctor on the radio, Dr. Prather has a personal reaction to the attacks. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The background and credentials of Dr. Oz.

--Dr. Oz's unique perspective on America's health care system as a true "insider".

--The suppression of choices and information in our health care system. (And how this controversy is not just about Dr. Oz, but about our health care freedoms.)

--What "The Oz Effect" is and how it influences health care choices.

--The Green Tea Extract/Weight Loss research that led to a Congressional hearing.

--The conflict of interest for the U.S. Senator who led the attacks on Dr. Oz.

--The 10 doctors who are attacking Dr. Oz--and the startling conflict of interest they have.

--The history behind how our health care system became centered around pharmaceuticals.

--Why supporting local sustainable agriculture that is not chemically-based is important for our health.

--The steps you should take for good health.


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