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The Prather Plan is a safe, proven, medically-supervised, natural weight loss program. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How the HCG diet causes your body to burn fat quickly (especially stubborn belly fat).

--Why The Prather Plan includes eating HIGH fat foods for the first three days (and why this phase is very important).

--The 23 to 45 day low-calorie, medically-supervised, and TEMPORARY 500 calorie per day diet. (And why you WON'T feel like you are starving!)

--The pure vitamin Lipotropic injections that help you to feel good and energetic while on the plan. (And the non-needle alternatives available for those who have a fear of needles.)

--Why the third phase of The Prather Plan makes the program so successful by making this a healthy lifestyle change (and not a temporary fix) with healthy eating and exercise programs customized for each patient.

--The options available for vegetarians under The Prather Plan.

--Why 95% of all dieters are worse off after five years than what they were before their diet. (And how they lose muscle and organ weight instead of fat.)

--The importance of proper diagnostics so that underlying imbalances in your body can be balanced out so that you can lose weight. And how The Prather Plan is individualized for each person.

--How the goal of The Prather Plan is to make you healthier, not just to lose weight and look better. And how it is a natural approach (not pharmaceutical based) with lasting results.

--How too much fat increases estrogen, reduces testosterone, and lowers energy in men.

--Why coaching and counseling are key for successful weight loss.


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