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Your liver is the chemical factory of your body. Dr. Prather says it is one of the biggest factors in how someone feels and that "everything works better" when the liver works right. In this episode, we talk about:

--How Hepatitis is a "silent disease" that many people don't even realize they are carrying. And why Hepatitis cases are increasing.

--How your bowels aren't going to work right (loose or constipated) if your liver is not up to par. And why liver issues give you a toxic, tired, "not well" feeling.

--The relationship between the liver to Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease.

--The major reason for high Cholesterol is a sick liver, but Cholesterol-lowering drugs actually make your liver even SICKER.

--How the liver regulates your Hormones. And why hot flashes go away when the liver is cleared up.

--How medicines to suppress Gerd (or Acid Reflux) actually make you sicker while they suppress your symptoms.

--How Insomnia often clears up when the liver is fixed.

--Why Dr. Prather says that Cancer treatments can set you up for getting Cancer again because it destroys the liver. And how he has helped Cancer patients avoid getting sick and losing their hair during Cancer treatments by getting the liver balanced.

--How your body will create fat cells no matter how many calories you eat if your liver is not working right.

--Why Dr. Prather says they get "almost everybody's" liver enzymes in the normal range. And why the detailed approach to diagnostics is the key to the results seen at The Prather Practice.


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