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There is a new model for primary care focused on Structure/Function Health Care instead of Disease Care. In this episode, we talk about:

--How the Structure/Function Health Care model contrasts with the Disease care model. And why Dr. Prather says, "Disease Care is symptoms; Structure/Function Care is the cause."

--How the Structure/Function model offered a 40% cost savings over 5 years (which raised to 60% savings over 10 years) and improved health outcomes better than Disease Care.

--The "gatekeeper" role of a primary care physician. And how the definition of health is homeostasis (or an equilibrium in the body).

--Why Dr. Prather says that Structure/Function care is actually "more scientific" than the Disease Care model.

--Why the "Structure" and "Function" aspects of health care must be combined for the best results.

--How 80% of all health care should be Structure/Function Care with the remaining 20% being Disease Care. And Dr. Prather's recommendations on how to get to that ideal.

--Who is gravitating towards Structure/Function health care (and why they are likely to be more educated).

--The communication gap between Structure/Function and Disease care doctors and why Dr. Prather says integration is key.

--Why Structure/Function care relies on diagnostics such as Bloodwork more than the Disease Care model. And is Dr. Prather a "vampire"?!?

--A Mom's powerful story on how Dr. Prather helped her 8-year old daughter eliminate prescription seizure medication and how Brain Core therapy helped transform her daughter's behavioral and anxiety issues.


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