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This week, Dr. Prather discusses the science of healthy aging, Living to the age of 100--or more--does not have to mean enduring twilight years filled with the infirmities of aging. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How long we should really live and how it compares to our current average life span.

--Why people who live past the age of 90 "have few illnesses and disabilities" and are "surprisingly active".

--The innovations that have increased our life spans in the past several decades.

--Why we may have the first generation in America that will not live as long as the one before it.

--What are "Blue Zones" and the patterns they reveal about healthy aging.

--Why women live longer than men.

--What role diet plays in longevity. (Including the difference between Alkaline and Acidic diets.)

--The connection between aging and inflammation. (And the source of 80% of inflammation in our bodies.)

--How exercise affects aging (both too little and too much exercise).

--Whether marriage adds or subtracts years to your longevity.


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