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A proven plan for 60% fewer hospital admissions, 59% fewer hospital stays, 62% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures, and 85% savings in pharmaceuticals. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois did a seven year experiment of Structure/Function Health Care as the primary health care portal.

--How Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois now boasts the Highest patient satisfaction rate of any HMO group in the nation.

--The satisfaction rate that specialists (such as Cardiologists and Oncologists) gave the Structure-Function model versus the Disease Care model.

--How Structure-Function Health Care gets to the root cause of the problem, while Disease Care focuses on treating symptoms.

--How adverse reactions are reduced by an astounding 80% since Structure/Function Health care causes no harm.

--Why Dr, Prather sees the need for the Structure-Function Health Care Model to better communicate and collaborate and not be so independent.

--Why lab tests and diagnostics are even more important in the Structure-Function Health Care Model.

--Why Dr. Prather says that the underlying problem is that we do not have a complete health care system.

--The proposed role Dr. Prather sees for Health Savings Accounts in his health care reform solution.

--Dr. Prather's prediction of "happy, healthy 120 year-olds" in the very near future.


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